My New Clean Skincare Routine ft. Witlof Skincare Review

My New Clean Skincare Routine ft. Witlof Skincare Review

~ We all want to have that natural glow on our face and body!


Dutch brand

When I started to look more into clean skincare, one brand immediately stood out to me. I remember walking through Dutch stores and seeing the brand Witlof a lot. Even though I have seen this brand a lot, I have never really tried any of their products. Most of the time I use other, simpler products.

I thought Witlof Skincare was semi-clean. You know those brands that call themselves natural but only use one natural ingredient for example aloë vera. However, my mind has changed from this perspective! 

When Witlof Skincare reached out to sponsor this blog post, I started to do more research into the brand. I quickly figured out that my assumptions weren’t correct. 

About Witlof

Witlof Skincare uses 100% natural ingredients! This is really good, since lot’s of brands use 96% natural ingredients. Which is still better than the traditional synthetic ones. But 100% is better of course. 🙂

Their products are affordable, however they are not the cheapest. They don’t have the cheapest $5 face cream. However, their face creams are filled with 100% natural ingredients. I think they are worth every penny if you are searching for a natural skincare brand. 

Side note: Witlof is a vegetable commonly eaten here in the Netherlands. It’s a bit bitter, so most children (including me) don’t like it. However, as I grow older the more I like it. My favorite recipe is Witlof from the oven with some cheese. 

Testing what products 

I got sent 4 products by Witlof Skincare. I first of all received a skincare bag with three travel sized products in it. I also received an extra facial cream in a bigger size. On the package was written how to use the products. 


The first step is using a cleansing mousse on your wet face. Then I wash it of my face.

The mouse smears out really good, it feels nice on the skin. It does feel like it cleans my skin very well. Other than that it’s not some magic mousse that will instantly get rid of all your pimples. However, it works very well for my skin. 


After the mousse, it says to use the toner. I just spray it on my forehead and on my cheeks. And then even it over my face.

I never used a toner before, so I can’t compare it to anything. However, I do think it works great. I especially like its smell. It smells so good, not parfum-y, just skin car-y 🙂


This is the last step. I only use one pump, that’s enough for my face. I spray it on my hand and then place dots over my face. I spread out the rest with my hands. I also use this cream on my neck and a bit of my chest. 

I really like this facial cream. It feels very nice on my skin. The facial cream has a very nice milky texture to it, while still being a cream. It also makes my skin feel less dry. 


It’s too early to tell you the results of these products. In a month or 2 I will give you guys an update on how my skin looks/feels.

I did notice after 3 days of using this routine, my little forehead bumps became a little less noticeable. I don’t know if they are going to continue to fade away! We will see! 

This was my review of Witlof Skincares products. I got these products gifted by them. You can buy products from Witlof Skincare that’s 100% natural through their website:

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