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What is a Dark Feminine? – Meaning, Aesthetic & Energy

What is a Dark Feminine? – Meaning, Aesthetic & Energy

~ Do not fear the dark, but rather use its power to spread light.


Some people have that, a certain vibe that makes them so mysterious and attractive. You don’t know what it is but you feel their energy is very strong, almost so strong that it intimidates you. There is a good chance that the Dark Feminine is the most dominant in these women.

Her energy feels very magnetic. The Dark Feminine is often secretive and mysterious, she doesn’t reveal much about her personal life and yet you remain interested in her. You want to know more about her, this is a power that the  Dark Feminine can use.

She wants people to keep wondering who she really is, rather than showing who she is deep inside.

The Dark Feminine is a thinker and very intuitive. This is because she is very connected to her soul, the spirit world and energy in general. We often find the Dark Feminine attracted to astrology, quantum physics, psychology, mythism and other occult fields.

Another name for the Dark Feminine is the Alchemist, because she can become a master of energy. She can transform energy using her mind, body and spirit, she also has a good connection with the Universe, she realizes that everything is one and connected.

When she learns not to abuse her gift, she will stand in her authentic feminine power. She is very aware of her energy and knows that it automatically draws people to her, without having to be extremely beautiful or sexy.

Light & Dark Feminine

To fully understand the dark feminine we also need to understand the light feminine and how one adds to the other. When you look deep enough around you, you will see how everything has two sides.

In the 7 hermetic principles they call this gender and in ancient Chinese Philosophy they call this Yin & Yang. This Yin & Yang concept is very popular in Buddhism and is a symbol for one of its most important aspects: balance

Balance is where I will talk a little bit more about now. In life there is not one good side and one bad side. That’s what the devil is trying to convince you of, it’s an illusion.

Stop fighting that illusion.

You need to start to see how both sides need each other. The masculine needs the feminine and vice versa. 

To be in your femininity, you need to embrace the light and the dark feminine. When I think of the Light feminine, I think more of the Yang side. It’s there, in the physical, direct. However, it’s not the same as the Yang side.

Do you understand that?

Because the yang is the masculine, but that’s not what we are talking about. We are talking about the feminine.

See the feminine as a circle and divide them in two. You have a dark side and a light side. The light side is where the light is, duhh… Whereas the dark side is not fully here in the physical. The dark side is talking about the side where the light doesn’t come. It’s everything that’s considered occult or taboo. 

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Are you a light or dark feminine?

Some people are more interested in the light feminine. I will write another blog post about the light feminine. For now we are going to focus on the dark feminine.

I think deep down, you know that you are both. However, maybe in this phase of life you feel more interested in the light side or on the dark side.

Spend some time alone and observe yourself. What interests you?

Is it searching for new recipes or learning about paranormal activity and the mysteries around death. 

For me it’s both. However, paranormal activity and predicting events have always been very prominent in my life. When I was 6 and lying in bed I thought about what is beyond this Universe and where consciousness comes from, I was convinced the body is not all ‘me’ there is. For this reason, I think I can become very powerful when I explore this darker side more. In this phase in my life I will try to embody the energy of the dark feminine. Of course when I am cooking a cake, I will be more in my light feminine.

Life is not just one side but a balance. 

Is the Dark Feminine bad?

Like everything in life. No side is bad or good. We as humans associate the dark with the bad sometimes, however this is causing more harm than good. Because yes, lots of people use occult knowledge for personal gain, purely feeding the ego. This is of course very bad and I believe that for this reason we need to start looking at the dark/hidden side.

We start to use it for good, instead of bad. 

An easy way to start using the dark side for good is by embracing your dark feminine and using it to spread your light in the dark. You probably know if you are a human being on the right path or if you are supporting the bad agenda. If you are supporting other humans and spreading your light everywhere you are, you probably are a being with a lot of light. This is very powerful, embracing your authentic femininity whether dark or light can make you very powerful. Not in a egocentric way but in a good way. You can spread your powerful light in the dark and show the hidden horrors in the world. 


I do think that if you are serious about exploring this darker side, you need to know what you are doing. You shouldn’t go to a haunted house if you get nightmares from the paranormal. So first make sure that you are very grounded in the physical and then explore the other side. The energy is very heavy, that’s not for everyone.  A lot of humans just want to be comfortable in the illusion they are living in. This is fine, but then exploring the side of the occult and metaphysical is not for you. 

Embody the Dark Feminine

1. Mysterious

Others know the dark feminine knows something they don’t know. They can feel that the dark feminine is in tune with her dark side and isn’t scared of it. A lot of people are scared of their own shadow, they run from it. 

The thing is, the shadow will just follow you. You have to turn around and deal with your shadows. Try to understand where they come from. There is an absence of darkness. So shine your light right there and bring your shadows to the light. This is an easy way to get more in tune with your dark feminine. 

2. Powerful

Because she realizes that the dark and hidden is not something to be scared of, it makes her very powerful. She has learned a very important lesson in life.

Do not fear the dark, but rather use its power to spread light.

You can learn a lot by observing your own shadow and what triggers you. Use that knowledge to understand others and have empathy for them. 

3. Occult knowledge

She knows the hidden powers that create the physical, the metaphysical. Others can sense this when they are around a person who has this aura. Others can sense that she has a lot of knowledge, knowledge that’s out of this world.

With a dark feminine you can have deep conversations about a wide variety of subjects. Of course everyone has their own interests, so the knowledge a dark feminine has can differ. 

4. Seductive/Sensual

A dark feminine knows how energy works and she can use that energy to transmute energy. She can seduce anyone, not with (just) body language or their eyes. No she does it with her energy, her aura.

When her mind starts to think of apple pie, she seduces the apple pie with her energy/aura.

Let me know in the comments if you want to know more about this. I might write a blog post about this. 

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