what are the ELEMENTS OF NATURE? + YIN and YANG

what are the ELEMENTS OF NATURE? + YIN and YANG

~ When you start looking at things as elements and as part of a bigger cycle, you will see this universe is truly magical!


The elements are crucial when trying to understand the world around us. You have probably already heard of the four elements. These four elements are very important in astrology. It’s important to have a deep understanding of the nature of these four elements.

Ancient Greeks and Chinese have studied these elements for ages, in order to understand Mother Nature. Having an understanding of the elements will also help us understand the universe more, which will result in understanding ourselves more.

In astrology we have four elements, there are twelve Zodiac Signs, which means each element is the ‘parent’ of three Zodiac Signs.

When we know more about the elements we will have more empathy towards others. It will help us understand why people have a certain nature. Some elements are natural and other elements are less natural to people.


The four elements in astrology are Fire, Earth, Air and Water. One element alone is useless, it can create nothing. This also means that we have all elements in us, or else we wouldn’t be here.

In this Universe there needs to be a balance of elements, otherwise there will be scarcity. This doesn’t mean everyone has the same amount of Fire as Water in them.

We are here to be little parts of the universe, we must work together with other people in order to create things. If you are a Fire person you must learn to work a Water person and so forth.

It’s important to understand that we need all elements equally, there is no element more important or interesting.

Fire needs the oxygen from Air to start a fire. At the same time Water needs the H particles released by Fire. Then Earth needs water to stay fertile. This brings us back to air that receives the oxygen created by the earth.

You see, this is a beautiful cycle we experience here on earth. This cycle is also needed in our bodies, brains and more. When you start looking at things as elements and as part of a bigger cycle, you will see this universe is truly magical!

The first step is understanding the energy of each element, really feeling the energy of it and then connecting it to things around you.

Everyday the elements in the universe work together to create new things and ideas. They are in harmony and add value to each other in a never ending cycle, this is the cycle of life.

In life we have good days and bad days, busy days and relaxed days. On some days we go inward and use our feminine elements to connect with Spirit and on other days we go outward and use the forces of the masculine elements to create our reality.

Feminine Elements

Before getting into each element specifically I am going to divide them into a feminine couple and a masculine couple. You could also see it as a yin and yang sign, where the feminine couple is on the yin side.

The feminine elements are Earth and water. These elements contain the energy of the yin side. This means that they are related to colder things, spirituality, femininity, cycles and balance. I see Earth and Water as the foundation of stability. Without Earth and Water, Air and Fire will have no ‘ground’ to work on.

Earth and Water form the base of life. When we want to create things we need Earth for its nourishing soil. We also need water to give life and energy to the plants on Earth. The feminine elements are needed for healing and caring.

Our earth is in need of healing and caring, the feminine elements Earth and Water can give her that. It’s our job to connect with the Goddess energy within ourselves to heal. We need to heal ourselves in order to heal the world. Accept and embrace your feminine qualities.

When we connect within, we connect with our feminine elements. Earth will give us the focus and Water gives us the depth. We must focus on the depth of our Spirit, our Universe and our Magic within.

Masculine Elements

The masculine elements are Fire and Air. These elements contain the energy of the yang side. Fire and Air are related to action, direct, physical and power. The masculine elements give energy to the feminine elements. This means that without the force of Fire and Air, the ideas from the feminine wouldn’t be created. 

Earth and Water are the creators of ideas. Then Fire and Air are the active energies that can shape those ideas into reality. Fire and Air are the connection to the physical body. It’s important to be connected to your physical body with Fire and Air. This way you will experience your life more real and are able to create your own life.

When we are too much connected to our Fire and Air elements, we forget our inner world. We are only focused on physical goals and achievement. We want power, attention and material things, instead of balance between the feminine and the masculine.

The Four Elements

I have just explained the meaning of the elements as the yin and yang sides. We perceive the elements of nature as Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Of course this is not the spiritual definition of the elements. Spirituality is about energy, not the material things we see. Even if this is essentially energy too.

These elements are not meant to be seen as literal. Of course not everything around us is just made of Fire, Earth, Air and Water, the world is much more complex. But when we start looking at these elements as spiritual forces and energies we can see them in every life form.


Fire represents temperature or energy content. This can result in heat, that’s why we associate fire with this element. When something has a lot of the element Fire in it, it means it contains a lot of energy. That is why Aries is known to be a very energetic sign, they need to let go of all that energy within them. The Fire element is related to temperature, this means someone with a lot of Fire in their birth chart or just in general, will have a lot of temperament.  

When we connect with the Fire energy, we will have more temperament and energy. We will be able to use and gain power to shape our reality.

Fire Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo and Saggitarius (Mars, Sun and Jupiter)


Earth is an element associated with solidity. This element is the heaviest one of all, Aristotle believed the Earth element would fall quickly, straight down, towards the center of the cosmos. It’s also an element that represents firmness. Earth is an element that creates a strong foundation, I have explained more about this under the feminine elements. This Earth element is focused and has a lot of willpower.

When we connect with the Earth element within us, we can create strong foundations to build on. With the Earth element we can gain powerful strength that will bring us closer to Mother Gaia.

Earth Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn (Ceres, Chiron/Earth and Saturn)


Air is like all the other elements very essential. The Air element represents the spiritual quality of mobility. Air represented physically the lower atmosphere, aether meant the bright upper atmosphere above the clouds. This is what it means physically, spiritually it’s related to flexibility. It can change the frequency and motions of atoms in the air. This is very powerful in the electric universe we live in. In astrology, Air represents the mind. It’s about communication, intelligence and frequencies of thought. Air is the element related to movement. This element can move the energy around us into different directions.

When we connect to the Air element, we will awaken a free-spirited, playful Goddess. She teaches us to be proud of our sexuality and intelligence. We can change with the motions of the Air, discover new depths of your Spirit.

Air Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius (Mercury, Venus and Uranus)


The Water element is so mysterious, that is her quality. Water can be here one moment and somewhere completely else the next moment. This is the element associated with flexibility. Like the ocean it can ebb and flow with the waves. Water is also an element that represents fluid. This is why it’s connected to our emotions, our emotions are constantly changing. Water is a powerful element, it gives life and shape to our reality. Without the water element we wouldn’t be able to really experience this life, who wouldn’t be able to ebb and flow.

Connecting with the Water element is very powerful. There is always a Water Goddess within you that will teach you about your emotions. She will help you get into a flow stage of living.

Water Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces (Moon, Pluto and Neptune)

Fifth Element

These were all the elements we use in astrology: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. But did you know that in most ancient beliefs there is a fifth element, Quintessence in Latin? This element is very important, even today. In the Occult people see the elements as hierarchical: Spirit, Fire, Air, Water and Earth. The first element is the most spiritual one and the last element the most material one. In Wicca people view them as equal.

So what is this fifth element? As you can see this fifth element is called Spirit or Quintessence. But some people refer to it as Aether or Ether. I am going to refer to this element as Ether. The name of this element is not a physical like Fire or Water. I believe this element is really hard to understand with physical terms.


I see Ether as the first element, from this element things can grow. Another word used for Ether is expansiveness. Ether stands for the Absolute. I see it as the universe outside of me, and the universe that is within me. This element is very essential in our evolution, without it we wouldn’t be able to expand our mind and Spirit. We also wouldn’t grow.

Connecting with the element Ether is very valuable and inspiring. With this energy within us we can expand our mind and this way creates our reality like a Goddess.

To sum things up, this is what the elements spiritual stand for:

  • Ether: expansiveness
  • Earth: solidity
  • Water: flexibility
  • Air: mobility
  • Fire: energy

When we connect more to the elements within us and try to achieve a balance of all those elements, we will be able to live a more soulful life. We will have more self-awareness and have a better connection with our soul/spirit.

It will also be easier for us to manifest things into our life. I have already made a blog post about how to manifest like a goddess with these methods.

Hey beautiful soul,

This is the end of my blog post about the five elements. I hope you learned something from this blog post! Have a soul-filled day!

On this site I have more information about the Planets. I think finding out your dominant planet will help you become more authentic and will make it easier to follow your soul purpose. To find out your dominant planet you can take this quiz.

Let today or tonight be an enlightening time and may you connect with nature. Take a deep breath and get in touch with your energy. Just be in this moment!

You can leave your name and email below, if you want to stay in contact with me. And if not, I hope you will have an amazing life full of love and joy!

May our souls meet again!

-xx- Nella


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