~ It is important not to ignore your shadow side, but look it straight in the eye.


However you get used to it, stress is something we have all experienced. Where does this stress come from? Your dominant planet (zodiac sign) says a lot about your personality and behavior.

It also tells you which themes are more difficult, which patterns often repeat themselves. This is something that is within you, it is up to you to allow it or to do something about it.

Do you awaken the shadow side or the light side. It is important not to ignore your shadow side. But look it straight in the eye. This is the only way to awaken your light side, your inner angel.

What’s your shadow side? You can find out by looking at which patterns keep repeating themselves, then work on them.

Another way to find out your shadow side is by looking at astrology. It is important to know that only your ‘normal’ zodiac sign, which everyone knows, often does not say everything or even says very little.

Your normal zodiac sign is the constellation the sun was in when you were born. But the moon, mars, venus mercury and so on all have their own zodiac sign, each of which gives a different added value.

For example, my zodiac sign is Aries, but Capricorn is the most common. For me, the Empress will, like Aries, therefore also match to themes in my life.

Astrology, like mythology, is a way to better understand the universe. They are human concepts that make universal concepts easier to understand. Ultimately, it is a way to better understand energy by the brain.

The study of yourself is like the study of the universe. It starts and ends nowhere, you will always keep growing and awakening divine knowledge from within.

In this blog post you will learn a little more. I hope it helps you see things you didn’t see before.

Remember that stress is very normal and everyone experiences it from time to time. Be kind to yourself and don’t judge.


You are a Fire Goddess, this means you have a lot of energy. All this energy needs o go somewhere right? You express this enegy mostly outward. You constantly want to achieve things. This leads to you doing a lot and taking no rest. You are doing all the chores in the house, but do you ever just rest?

When you are wanting to express this energy through doing things, it can become stressful. When you don’t do anything you feel unproductive. This is something you need to work on.

Life is not about being productive all the time. Life is about living it to the fullest.

I have days where I do and achieve a lot. But at the end of the day when I lay in bed I feel even more stressed than in the morning. You don’t need to be constantly doing things Huntress!

A good way to reduce stress is to give your body a rest. Just do nothing for a moment. Move your consciousness from your physical body to your energy. This causes the masculine energy, that constantly wants to DO, moves into the background. Your feminine energy, that wants to BE, is just being activated. Just be. Be in the moment. Be yourself. Be proud of yourself.

Do something that really makes you happy. Write in your journal. Go gardening. What’s something you often skip because: “You don’t have time for it?” Do just that!

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When you feel stressed, what do you do? Do you hold on to old patterns? You like things to stay the way they were, controlled. You can get pretty stressed when things don’t go the way you want them to. Of course, it’s understandable that it’s not nice when things don’t go the way we want. But the trick is to let it go.

When the Sensualist lets her shadow side come out, she can be very materialistic. If we are very materialistic, this causes stress.

The best way to deal with this is to disconnect from the materialistic world. How can the Sensualist do that best?

Of course, through her senses. After all, that is what this Goddess owes her name to.
One of the best ways to lower stress for a Sensualist is by connecting with her body. Take a walk through nature and explore all your senses.

See the beautiful trees move in the wind.

Hear the birds sing. Feel the wind in your hair.

Smell the scent of the earth.

Taste the freedom.

And finally the most important sense!

Feel the energy, the energy in your body. It works very well for me to focus my consciousness on my hips area, I always feel a lot more feminine and beautiful. Do you also feel that energy there? Or do you feel it somewhere else in your body?

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A Muse’s brain is very active. She constantly thinks about things, this leads to overthinking. This is, of course, a very stressful experience. Constantly thinking about every step you take can of course be very helpful when you run a large company. But in everyday life it quickly drives you crazy.

A Muse loves creativity and creating things. This is only possible when she has a connection with the Divine and with the world around her. Even though the brain plays an important role in creating your reality, too much brain activity is counterproductive.

You are not your brain, you are Divine Energy.

A Muse must learn to move her awareness from her brain to her creative energy point. This can be reached to connect to your Center. This is something that takes time and practise, it basically means you are connecting to your Divine Energy, the authentic you. If you want to know more about this, ask google, I am sure he has all the answers for you 😉

How do we toggle this button? Well by focusing on, for example, your Polar Chakra or your navel.

Don’t think twice and just create. Start painting, without judging it. Because then we start thinking again about how beautiful it is. No, just create, write, dance, live!

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The Mystic is best connected with Feminine Energy if you ask me. This energy is of course super profitable when it is balanced with Masculine Energy. But when this is not the case, the shadow aspects occur. For a Mystic, these shadow aspects will manifest as a lack of self-care.

Feminine Energy stands for taking care and balancing everything that lives, so very essential. But it can lead us to forget ourselves. Are you like a mother to those around you? This is super essential, but don’t forget yourself!

You are very loved, do you also give yourself that love? Love yourself! Don’t just practice self-care, practice self-love. Those are two different things.

Stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself, “I love you!” And really feel it, feel how much you love yourself.

Meditate on all the things you like about yourself. Feel all the loving energy through your body.

What is something you love to do but keep skipping for whatever reason? Do exactly this, don’t care what others think. If you want to paint a heart with your own name in it, do that. That’s not selfish it’s part of being human. How can you give love to others if you don’t give it to yourself?

Mystic you are beautiful, sweet, caring and many more wonderful things!

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You are the Queen, people look to you and follow your lead. People are naturally attracted to you. You also like this, but it can also cause stress. You feel that you stand out and that people have expectations of you. This creates the necessary pressure, pressure can in turn lead to stress.

It is important for you to realize that you don’t always have to do the right thing. You don’t always have to lead others. A pitfall for you can be that you want to control others. This is of course not a nice feature, and even then it is important to de-stress.

How does a Queen de-stress? By realizing you don t need to control others in order to control your life. You can control your own life, your happiness, your freedom, your feelings.

Take control of your life into your own hands and don’t be guided by the expectations of others. Take a spa day for yourself. Let go and enjoy the moment.

Another calming thing is writing in your journal. Write about everything you have control over in your life. Write about all the steps you’ve taken to see a better Queen. Be thankful for who you are!

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The Healer has its heart in the right place. You take in the world around you. You see things that are going well, but also things that can improve. Why isn’t everyone happy, you wonder. After all, there is a place for everyone on earth.

When you see that a certain pattern is causing problems, you want to do something about it. That is in your DNA, after all you are of great importance in healing the earth.

However, this can be at the expense of yourself. When you are constantly looking for ways to perfect the world. Then you can become stressed or even pessimistic. Continuous organizing and structuring should give you peace of mind, but it can also make you feel stressed.

The best way a Healer can deal with this is by letting go of things. You are here to contribute to the world, but the world does not depend on you. Release the pressure to always be right.

Write off all worries and ideas. Write about things you want to improve if that gives you peace of mind. Or write about things you just enjoy. Release all negative energy. Write about how your day went or what you are looking forward to.

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The Lover is the embodiment of love. You would think that the Lover is always in balance, but the opposite is true. She is constantly searching for balance, that doesn’t mean she has always found it. She often seeks this externally from herself, for example through people.

She seeks peace in partners or the materialistic world. After all, she has to express her loving energy somewhere. However, this can lead to it becoming toxic. Her constant urge to spread love in the world can cause stress.

A Lover can dampen this stress by shamelessly expressing her love. Compliment others and talk about their concerns. Give yourself and others a pat on the back when they do something right.

Are you involved in something yourself? Then talk this out with people who are involved or open your heart to someone.

If you are really worried about something, you can also talk to a trusted friend or therapist. Or you can just talk to your journal, write about what’s bothering you. This also immediately gives you peace of mind.

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A Femme Fatale is mysterious, she can seem a little dark at times. She doesn’t like to let people in. This makes her difficult to read. A Femme Fatale knows that her energy can trigger others. (Some people even envy her.) She is also very deeply connected to the hidden world, feeling things that others don’t.

This can cause the necessary stress. Feeling that you are so different, not being accepted sometimes even. A Femme Fatale is sometimes in another world, she knows no boundaries. As a result, she can get stress due to the continuous switching between worlds, dimensions, cultures.

To lower her stress levels, it is important that the Femme Fatale knows her boundaries. If you know that certain things make you unhappy, don’t do it, no matter what your brain tells you.

If you don’t know what your limits are, it’s important to find out. Ask yourself questions like: What makes me happy? When do I feel uncomfortable? and so on.

In addition, you must realize that it is difficult for people to read you. Don’t blame them if they go over your boundaries, they probably don’t even realize it themselves. Express your boundaries verbally. This will give you peace of mind, you know others know your boundaries.

If you don’t want to do something, that’s okay. Be proud of who you are and what you do. You are beautiful just the way you are and you don’t have to push yourself involuntarily.

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The Maiden is like a child, she loves to discover and do new things. She wants to learn from new experiences.

When a Maiden has stress, this is usually difficult to recognize for the outside world. The Maiden doesn’t like emotional burdens, she prefers to ignore them. As a result, she hides that she is under stress. She makes jokes or has spontaneous ideas. When she is stressed, she does things that make her happy. This is actually a great approach.

However, in the long run this can become an accumulation of stress factors. What would lower stress for a Maiden is to instead take action towards some form of escape.

Take action towards the source of the stress. What is the source of the stress factor? Fix that problem, you are full of positivity you can do this. You will soon find out that the reason for all the stress was for nothing.

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The Empress is a very ambitious woman. She puts her dreams before everything, her dreams come before emotions. In addition, the Empress is a smart woman who keeps control over the situation, she is organized and plans things.

You can come across as cold and inflexible, you can sometimes be. You then cling so closely to the trusty pattern that is safe. Maybe this worked in the past, but you’ll find that it won’t work forever. When time passes, new patterns are requested.

If you stick very closely to the old patterns, this can cause stress. To calm this stress it is important to let things go.

Instead of being in your head, you need to bring your awareness to your body.

Do what feels right in the moment…

Dance, sing or take a walk through the woods. It can be as simple as joking. It’s about having fun, whatever that means to you.

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The Rebel has great ideals, she is very mentally stimulated. In addition, she constantly thinks about how things are going in the world, she is concerned with what goes right and what goes wrong according to her.

She wants the freedom to see herself and to bring her ideals into reality. If she doesn’t get that freedom, she makes sure she gets it. This causes her to be quite misunderstood by those around her. She has actions that seem illogical.

Because she is constantly mentally occupied with her life beliefs and longs for freedom, this can cause stress. Stress to pursue her ideals.

To get rid of this stress, it is best to focus on the here and now. Listen and connect with your body, does she feel good? Let go of the past and the future and be busy with yourself.

A good exercise to do is stretch your body. Can you push your body beyond limits? Challenge yourself and try something new, find freedom in your body.

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The Siren is like a dream. And that’s how she often goes through life. The world of dreams sometimes feels more real to her than the real world. Through dreams she communicates with her higher self. She often escapes reality through dreams. In general, she is prone to escaping reality, for example through art or drugs.

You are very sensitive to the world around you, if others are worried, you will feel it too. It is therefore not surprising that you get stress from that. But then disconnecting yourself from the world is not always the best solution.

What could help you lower your stress is to express your real self. This can be to people or just to yourself. Show who the real Rebel is and how she feels in a given situation. Say if something isn’t affecting you well.

You have a great imaginationand you are creative.

Make art, sing, write, let it out. Make something!

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This was my blog post about ways to coe with stress according to your dominant planet or zodiac sign. If you want to find out more about your dominant planet, you can find them all here: PLANETS

Have a stressless and relaxing rest of your day!

-xx- M. NELLA

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