Save more money while *traveling* Review of WayAway

Save more money while *traveling* Review of WayAway

~ Cheap flights with cashback!


WayAway asked me recently to do a review of their WayAway + membership. I said yes to this and have tested all the features of WayAway +. this blog post is sponosred by WayAway, however all my opinions are my own. I won’t reccomend something if it’s not trustworthy or of bad quality. I truly belief WayAway + might be beneficial for some travels. It won’t be for everyone though <3

Let’s first look into what exactly WayAway is. WayAway is a flight aggregator, just like Skyscanner or Kayak. But… WayAway is not just another flight aggregator. There are a lot more extras worth checking out! 

One important thing about WayAway is that it has a customer-first approach. Their 24/7 customer service is proof of this. You can ask them for help booking your travel trip. But even if you have an emergency while traveling, you can reach out to them. I think this is a huge plus for WayAway. It’s nice that you can ask someone for advice, even if you buy plane tickets and hotel separately. 

This way you can really enjoy your holiday / trip!

The slogan of WayAway is:

Cheap flights with cashback.

So they say you can get cashback by using its flight aggregator.

But is this true? And if so how does it work? That’s what we are going to dive into right now. 

The way WayAway stands out from other flight aggregators like skyscanner is because of its cashback program. Through this cashback program you will be able to get money back for buying flight tickets through WayAway. 

In the example you can see we book a return flight between New York and Paris. The flight is $588, however you will get $15 cashback on this flight. This means you will save $15 on your flight tickets!! 

Sounds good right?

But did you know you can save even more money? Because let’s be honest, no one says no to an extra $15. But this won’t make you rich!

WayAway is much more than just a flight aggregator. It also partners with booking.com. Here you can also book your hotels with up to 10% discount or 20% discount on selected hotels.

This is what makes Way Away so amazing. You don’t just save money on buying your flying tickets, you also save money on your hotel. Basically, your whole trip or vacation!

Because did you know you can also buy tours through WayAway + and get a cashback up to 8% of the total price? Let’s imagine we are going for a trip to New York. First you have to click on ‘PROFILE’ followed by clicking on ‘PLUS’. Now scroll down a little bit and click on ‘GetYourGuide’ or this link. You will now be brought to the GetYourGuide site. On this site you can find activities to do in almost every major city in the world. 

A smart thing to invest in when visiting New York, is the New York CityPASS. With this pass you get a 40% discount on tickets to 5 top attractions. 

But that’s not everything! 

Remember you will get an 8% discount on everything bought on GetYourGuide? 

Well if not, I am here to remind you. 

This means you will save an extra $11! 

Here is a list of some of WayAway’s partners. As you can see the discount received divers from 3% to up to 16%:

Flights: up to 5%

Booking.com: up to 10%

KiwiTaxi: 10%

Tiqets: 7%

Hostelworld: up to 6%

Rentalcars.com: 5%

GoCity: up to 3%

Klook: up to 7%

Viator: 6%

Airalo: 16%

AirHelp: 10%

GetYourGuide: 8%

WayAway + Membership

Since WayAway is a flight aggregator it brings clients to airlines and travel agencies. Those airlines and travel agencies then share a commission with WayAway. WayAway chooses to share this commission with its users through a cashback program. That’s how WayAway afforts to give us users all these discounts on flight tickets and what not. 

I do however have to disappoint you a bit if you thought you can receive these benefits for nothing. Like most things in this world, this isn’t free. If you want to have these perks, you need to sign up for WayAway +. 

This will cost you $49.99 right now. And don’t worry it’s not monthly! 

You pay one time $49.99 and you will have WayAway + for one year, a.k.a. 12 months. 

This promo code will give you 10% off WayAway + …


You can also just click on this link, the code will automatically be activated.

If you travel a lot, investing in WayAway + might be a good investment. It will easily pay itself off. 

However, this is not the case for everyone. If you want to find out if WayAway + is something for you, continue reading. 🙂 


Let’s now look at an example of how WayAway+ would work if you were to take a trip. 

In this example we are going from New York to Miami. 


Two round flights from New York to Miami for $200 (x 2) – $20 cashback

Hotel for $1000 – $100 cashback

Airport transfer $120 – $12 cashback

Tours & other activities for $400 – $30 cashback

Car rental for $350 – $15 cashback


Your total cashback = $177 !!!

As you have seen in the above example, as long as you spend a little money on your trip, you’ll be able to save money. Especially if you travel multiple times a year, a WayAway + membership can really pay off! 

You have to remember that you saved $177, while you invested upfront $49.99. So in the end you’ll save $127 on this trip. If you travel 2 or more times a year it might be interesting to visit the WayAway site and see how much a WayAway + membership can help you save on your trips.

Remember that if you sign up now you can save 10% off your WayAway + membership with the code: NELLA10!! 

Something for you?

The Perks…

To help you decide whether to invest in a WayAway+ membership I will now explain a little more about the perks.

So the first benefit you will receive is of course from their cashback program. Which I explained more about earlier.

The second way you may benefit from WayAway + is through their 24/7 travel assistance/help. This is a facebook group full of travel experts you can reach out to at any time of the day. 

Another amazing feature of WayAway + is their hidden gems neighborhood section. In this section, locals will explain to you what every neighborhood is known for. I checked it for Amsterdam and it’s crazy accurate lol 😉 It’s so funny! (they exaggerate it a little bit though…) Still it’s very helpful to read about the recommendations from the locals. I love doing a combination of popular and unpopular things on my trips. 

WayAway  is very user-friendly and easy to use. You can for example set price alarms for when the prices of flight tickets drop. Check it out here: Pirce alerts.

The Cons

Keep in mind that WayAway + isn’t something for you if you travel very locally or less than 2 times a year. You won’t make any more from using WayAway + or very little.

However, if you are a regular traveler and use different flighting companies, then WayAway + is definitely something you should consider investing in. 

Don’t forget to use the code NELLA10 for 10% off your WayAway + membership the first year. You can also use this link to buy the membership for $49.99 for one year.

So that’s it for today, I hope you found this to be helpful and I wish you a very relaxing or adventurous trip!!

-xx- Nella

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