Do you do whatever you want, no matter what society says?

Do you think deeply about what is right and what wrong? 


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About the Rebel

The Rebel is a powerful archetype that can bring about a lot of change. This Goddess does not blindly follow the status quo, but thinks about things for herself. If she sees something that she thinks is not lawful, she goes against it without apology.

As a result, her rebellion often leads to innovative ideas. Many creative geniuses and human rights fighters have this archetype.

When the Rebel archetype is active in you, you are not afraid to break rules to gain more freedom. Freedom is therefore very important to you! You want to do things your own way, this often surprises people.

The Rebel has an intellectual mind, which results in her thinking a lot and deeply about things. She observes the things around her and tries to understand it. She wants to know what goes right and what goes wrong, and then solve the problems.

The Rebel’s job is to use her strong spirit to oppose society. She is here to show her authenticity and thus raise the vibration of the earth.

Qualities of the Rebel


A Rebel knows what she wants and what she wants to change. This results in her being very unique, you don’t find many of her. Even though she seems very normal, there is something about her that makes her so special. She has her own identity and is proud of it.


Some will see this trait as something negative (worried mothers for example). However, I see this as something positive. To go for something even though it involves risks. Don’t be afraid of death, but be afraid of not living. (of course this should not be taken too extreme)


This is a quality I really appreciate in a Divine Rebel. When she realizes that certain authorities are doing the wrong thing or even governments are abusing their power, she will counter this. She knows she can make a difference and uses her voice to be heard. A Rebel will not resign herself to a reality that does not benefit her.

“A rebel doesn’t make trouble, trouble makes a rebel.”

the rebel archetype

Challenges of the Rebel


For many people it is difficult to understand a Rebel. If you don’t have that feeling of pursuing freedom yourself, it’s hard to understand this urge in a Rebel. As a result, Rebels are often alone, which they sometimes don’t mind. Nice to go their own way. But it’s not always nice to be alone and misunderstood.


A Rebel is a very smart individual, her brain is always active. Despite being an interlectual, she can sometimes think too logically and ignore her emotions. Then she is only concerned with what she wants and no longer with what others feel.


Technology and progress are topics that a Rebel likes to deal with. She likes to come up with new ways to solve problems. However, this can become an unhealthy passion when her life consists only of technology and no longer enjoying the little things. She can be I extreme situations in favor of transhumanism.


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Embodiment of the Rebel


The Rebel is all about vbration, since she embodies the law of vibration. Imagine your life without vibration, what would it be like? Empty, right?

But.. without rhythm there will be no vibration. Besides vibration, it’s also important to embody the Empress which is all about rhythm.

When you master rhythm & vibration, you are a master of the energetic plane.




Accordion Item

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Accordion Item

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The first number I think about when I think of vibration and high vibes is number 11. Naturally the Rebel is associated with the number 11.


The Rebel has an intelectual mind, besides that she is strongly connected to Spirit. Spirit means wind and for this reason air is the ruling element of the Rebel.


The Rebel can see her ideal life in front of her. She knows what she wants in this world on how to create that vision. The Third Eye is connected to the Rebel archetype.

Aesthetic of the Rebel


The color associated with the Rebel is violet, furthermore to be specific, light violet. Read more about how the colors you are wearing affect you by clicking on the button below.