Are you the leader of the group?

Do you attract attention to you? 


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About the Queen & Sun

The Queen is most comfortable in the spotlight and this is her quality. She has an energy that draws all the attention to her. This is actually just like the sun, the sun has such a strong gravitational pull that it pulls all the planets towards her.

The Queen is often the centre of attention and can get along well with people, this makes her easily popular.

The Queen radiates warmth and strength, making people feel at ease with her. People like to get feedback or direction from the Queen and the Queen in turn can rule well. Leadership is one of her main qualities. What the Queen has to watch out for is that she doesn’t abuse her quality and use or abuse people.

It may very well be that the Queen does not want to be in the spotlight at all. This means that she has to work on her self-confidence. When she makes this piece in her wake, she becomes a real power woman.

Yet the Queen has an urge to be the center of attention, she likes to have attention to herself, in moderation this is fine. Another thing the Queen longs for is approval, approval of for example their outfit and/or personality.

A Queen has an energetic personality and radiates self-confidence (even when she doesn’t see it herself).

Her Wardrobe: SUN

  • They've got strong shoulders!
  • Every Queen needs a good bag.
  • Imagine this with a tropical hat on a sunny beach...
  • You know what screams #SUMMER to me?
  • ... matching sets!

Qualities of the Queen & Sun


When a Queen is motivated by her authenticity she awakens her true self. This Queen will tap into her power of being self centered. She knows her power and gifts and uses them wisely.


A Queen knows she is being seen as a strong women. Whether she leads a team or her group of friends, she knows how to make sure everything goes fine. Others trust her and she makes calculated decisions..


For a Queen, attention is no problem. She loves to express herself and to show the world all her talents and beauty. Therefore, a Queen is a natural entertainer. With her energy, she can make people easily smile.

"She motivates herself and others to step up their game."

the queen archetype

Challenges of the Queen & Sun


A Queen can focus too much on how she presents herself physically. It’s all about appearing good, confident and attractive, these are her qualities. However, this can be too much of a good thing, ignoring her internal self and focusing only on the external world.


The Queen is an excellent leader, she is a born boss. However, it is important not to abuse this quality. When a queen does, she activates her Dark Queen, causing her to manipulate and control people.


In addition, the focus on the material world can cause her to do things from her ego. Her ego is then the main motivator behind decisions. This ensures that she no longer lives in balance and only strives for the fulfillment of the ego.


[what we need to create life]







Embodiment of the Queen & Sun


The Queen is all about cause, since she embodies the law of masculinity. Imagine your life without masculinity, what would it be like? Empty, right?

But.. without masculinity there will be no femininity. Besides masculinity, it's also important to embody the Mystic which is all about femininity.

When you master femninity & masculinity, you are a master of the sexual plane.




Accordion Item

Create stylish call-to-action buttons with Qubely Buttons. Play around with typography, design, border and more. Add animations and personalize it to engage visitors instantly.

Accordion Item

Create stylish call-to-action buttons with Qubely Buttons. Play around with typography, design, border and more. Add animations and personalize it to engage visitors instantly.


The Queen is the center of the attention, this is just like the number 5. This number is in the middle of 10, therefore the number 5 rules the Queen.


The Queen attracts attention towards her. Her energy is like fire very strong. For this reason fire is the element that rules the Queen.


Like the name of the solar chakra already suggests, it's related to the Sun. The Sun is the rulling celestial body and as a result, the queen rules the solar chakra.

Aesthetic of the Queen


The color associated with the Empress is yellow, furthermore to be specific, light yellow. Read more about how the colors you are wearing affect you by clicking on the button below.


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