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About MARS

The Huntress is the friend we all need sometimes. She is the one who motivates you in life with a lot of conviction if you don’t see it for a while.

The Huntress embodies the law of action, which makes her very passionate. When this Goddess has something in her head, she makes sure to work hard for it. Her motto is therefore: where there is a way, there is a will.

The Huntress’ personality is full of temperament, which often causes her to think only after taking action. This causes her to learn lessons the hard way and she can come across as aggressive at times.

The Huntress dares to stand up for herself and is bold. Because of this she is often seen as a leader, she does not need anyone to take care of her.

The Huntress embodies the free independent feminine spirit. She doesn’t worry about what others think of her, but makes sure she makes something out of life.

While others are gossiping, she is busy starting up her business.

She has the confidence that she will succeed in realizing her dreams. From the moment she is born she knows she has to take action to achieve things in life.

Her Wardrobe: MARS

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Qualities of the Huntress & Mars


The Huntress has a free spirit. She sees opportunities where others see obstacles. Furthermore, she is not led by others but by herself, she knows that her energy is the purest and that it will lead her, not the energy of others.


A Huntress wants to live, experience and discover, just like a child. She wants to go on an adventure and discover new places. They want to experience things that no one else experiences and above all she wants to live.

Ask yourself: Are you alive? A Huntress is constantly making sure she can answer yes to this question.


For a Huntress, it’s clear what she wants. If she has something on her mind, she makes sure that she goes for it with 100%. She pursues her desires and makes a plan to achieve them as soon as possible. A Huntress gets energy from starting projects. (sometimes it can be a problem to finish this one)

"Where there is a way, there is a will."

the huntress archetype

Challenges of the Huntress & Mars


A Huntress is full of energy, she has to get it out somehow. She does this by experiencing life, she is aiming for challenges that push her limits. This is of course a very good quality, but it can become too extreme. Then the Huntress crosses borders and ends up in dangerous situations.


Because a Huntress lives very much in the moment, she can sometimes forget to think about the future. She is then so busy enjoying and doing things that she no longer has a view of her actions. This ensures that she does not think about the consequences of her actions and so unnoticed does things that she later regrets.


Individuality is very important to a Huntress, so she is pursuing her individuality. This ensures that she has a free spirit, but it can also make her stop thinking about others. She is so focused on herself that she doesn’t pay attention to others and has an ‘I don’t care’ attitude.


[what we need to experience life]







Embodiment of MARS


The Huntress is all about action, since she embodies the law of action. Imagine your life without action, what would it be like? Empty, right?

But.. without attraction there will be no action. Besides action, it's also important to embody the Femme Fatale which is all about attraction.

When you master attraction & action, you are a master of the physical plane.





1 is the first number, just like the Huntress. Naturally, the number 1 is associated with the Huntress. When number 1 shows up in your life, new begginings and physical actions are near.


The four elements are: fire, earth, air and water. The Huntress is all about action, so what element fits this best? Yes, of course it's fire!


The Huntress is the beginning of everything. You probably can't remember this but your 'beggining'(in other words birth) started by your mothers root chakra. Naturally, the Huntress rules this chakra.

Aesthetic of the Huntress


The color associated with the Huntress is red, furthermore to be specific, light red. Read more about how the colors you are wearing affect you by clicking on the button below.


Accordion Item

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Accordion Item

Create stylish call-to-action buttons with Qubely Buttons. Play around with typography, design, border and more. Add animations and personalize it to engage visitors instantly.