My 7 FAVORITE HOBBIES that keep me going

My 7 FAVORITE HOBBIES that keep me going

~ In this blog post you are going to read about my favorite hobbies. Most of these hobbies are easy and cheap to do yourself at home.


Jewellery making

Jewelry making is so nice to do. You don’t even need expensive products and equipment. I use different wires with some beads and it looks amazing. I also enjoy making gemstone necklaces with iron wire. On youtube you can find lots of friendship bracelet ideas. And it is also a great way to increase your feminine energy!


I understand sometimes you don’t have time or the energy to make a big meal, so you choose something easy or order something. But trust me if you find an amazing new recipe online you want to try it. Personally I love recipes with many different kinds of vegetables. My favorite cuisines are Mexican and Italian! Baking is still my favorite of the two. Every week I make a cake from my recipe book. It is a great and relaxing way to end or begin the week for me.


I have a scrapbook where I put all my 2D creativity in. I do so many different things: paintings, graphic design, quotes and tattoo art. Recently I learned more about (sacred) geometry, it is so interesting and easy to do. Definitely recommend trying it out!


I know this one will sound weird to some people, but I love moving my body. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like lifting weights for 1 hour. But what I do love is challenging my body. Everyday I do a few push ups and pistol squats. Besides that I do some movements for my abs, because who doesn’t want to have a flat hot body?! After I moved and-/or challenged my body I feel so good and healthy. If you don’t want to go to the gym you can try calisthenics, it is muscle training with only your body weight.


Right now I am really trying to find my niche. I like financial books but they are sometimes a bit boring. I don’t like literature or fiction, most of the time you learn nothing. I do like spiritual books or self help books, even though I think you need to find balance. Right now I am thinking of buying a book by Plato(that old philosopher) called The Allegory of the Cave. I have heard it is not a book for everyone, but it does represent humanity.


How could I forget this one? I remember using my mom’s camera when I was 6. When I was 8 I finally had enough money to buy my own camera. It was definitely not a good one. But you need to start somewhere and I learned a lot. I love photographing nature and animals. While writing this I got a new idea. I want to print out photos and stick them into a photo album, which is something my mother always did when I was young.

Horse riding

I have always loved horses so it seemed very logical to go horse riding. Since I am 9 I have ridden horses and I absolutely love it! Horses are so sensitive and look magical. When I ride on a horse I feel like a real princess.


Let me know (in the comments) what your hobby is <3 I am right now searching for a new hobby!

Let today or tonight be an enlightening time and may you connect with nature. Take a deep breath and get in touch with your energy. Just be in this moment!

You can leave your name and email below, if you want to stay in contact with me. And if not, I hope you will have an amazing life full of love and joy!

May our souls meet again!

-xx- Nella

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