Most Beautiful Cities in the Netherlands – My Top 10 Places

~ In this small city there are no roads. Yes! You heard that right. The only way to visit is on a boat.


You probably clicked on this blog to find out what the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands are. Maybe you are planning a trip to this country or you are just curious. No matter what your goals are with reading this article, at the end of reading it you will know wich cities will be at the top of your bucket list.


If you are planning to visit the Netherlands Amsterdam is probably on your list. Amsterdam is a city you must visit if you come to the Netherlands. It’s full of small restaurants along the canals. The sky’s the limit in Amsterdam, there is a lot of variety. Something for everyone!

Whether you want something vegan or a burger, one corner there will be something for you. Recently a lot of vegan and more conscious restaurants have been popping up in Amsterdam. The bakeries that you find in almost every street in the center are super good!

You should absolutely try the dutch apple pie with lots of cinnamon! 


We are now going to the southernmost tip of the Netherlands that borders Belgium. Maastricht is a city that’s worth visiting even if you feel like skipping! Maastricht is a small yet lifely city.

When you visit Maastricht you have to park your car on the other side of the water. That way you have to walk over the beautiful bridge over the Maas. It’s a very old but big bridge, super Cool! Around het Vrijthof, there are lots of good restaurants. Don’t Worry about getting cold, there are heaters everywhere! 

Not only the city Maastricht is ‘mooi’ as we say in Dutch.

Also the nature around the city is very magical. Very different from the rest of the Netherlands, because there are lots of hills. Those ‘small’ hills result in the Ardennes in Belgium. If you are on a roadtrip you could also pay a visit to Belgium. 

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Den Bosch

We are staying in the south of the country. Den Bosch also deserves a spot on this list. 

If you like food, music and a good atmosphere then Den Bosch is a must visit for you! 

Everytime I visit Den Bosch I immediately feel at home. It’s a city full of warmth and good food. The perfect combination if you ask me! 

I am from the middle of the country and here it’s stereotyping for people that they are dressed very well. So if you need some elegant fashion inspiration just go sit on a terrace and observe what the people are wearing. The shops you will find right here are for all price ranges. For a relatively small city there are lots of shops and restaurants. 

If you ask me, Den Bosch is one of my favorite cities to visit when it comes to living the good life. 


In the North of the country lies another hidden gem: Leeuwarden. Leeuwarden is a city in the province of Friesland.

Friesland as a whole is worth visiting. There are cows, horses and sheep everywhere you go. I don’t know if there is a place that could make you happier if you love nature and animals. In Friesland there are a lot of small towns with a lot of character.

Friesland is like a little country in the Netherlands. They have their own language they speak: Fries. 

Back to Leeuwarden!

Leeuwarden is a beautiful city that a lot of people are sleeping in. So visit Leeuwarden and spread the word! 

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Giethoorn is known for its Asian tourists. They love Giethoorn! And I can totally understand that, it’s a very unique experience you get.

You get to sail through canals on a small boat past all the houses. In this small city there are no roads. Yes! You heard that right. The only way to visit is on a boat.

Okay, okay you could cheat and walk on the small path beside the water but you can’t come here by car. You can make beautiful pictures on the small bridges. A lot of bridges are private because they are from houses. People live here, so be respectful. 


Utrecht is a city in the middle of the county. It has the same name as the province in which it is located: Utrecht. Utrecht is also a city with a rich history and you can clearly see that in the beautiful architecture. 

There also is a University, so you can expect a lot of good food and vegan restaurants. 

When visiting Utrecht you should pay a visit to the Domtoren/Dom Tower. If you are not afraid of heights you should climb to the top floor of the tower to have the best view over the city. 

You should also try eating a Dutch Waffle!

I am not a fan of sugary foods but for these waffles I will make an exception!


We can’t forget Rotterdam on this list. If you love modern architecture, Rotterdam is a must visit.

During WW2 Rotterdam was bombarded and lost most of its old buildings. There are a few exceptions, that are worth visiting.

When visiting Rotterdam, renting a bicycle is a smart idea. Rotterdam is a big city, therefore walking takes a long time. When you are on a bicycle you can see lots of different buildings in a small amount of time. Some places you should visit: the Erasmusbrug (bridge), Kubuswoningen(houses) en de Markthal. All are completely free!


Haarlem is a city that is close to Amsterdam and also in the same province of North Holland.

You may recognize the name of the New York neighborhood Harlem. This neighborhood is named after the city of Haarlem. It is therefore an old city with a lot of history and old buildings.

Haarlem has been voted best shopping city several times and when I was in Haarlem I understood that. Haarlem is very cozy and has many shops. You can also enjoy a drink in one of the streets around the square. Which is also nice to look for are the hidden courtyards!


Groningen is a very pleasant city in the north of the country. Perhaps nice to combine with a weekend in Leeuwarden, since it is quite a bit away from Amsterdam.

There is also a university in Groningen, which is why there is a lot of life in the city. There are trendy restaurants and bars, plenty of vegan or organic options.

A visit to the Martinitoren and the lively city center is definitely worth it. In addition, the Groninger museum is highly recommended.


And last but not least: Alkmaar! Alkmaar is located above Haarlem, half an hour’s drive from Amsterdam.

The city is best known for the cheese markets that are held there in the summer. If you are in the Netherlands, you should definitely try our cheese! My favorite is the graskaas (grass cheese) and zacht belegen kaas (soft matured cheese).

When I visited Alkmaar I also visited the church in the city center. It’s a beautiful church with free entry! On summer days it can become pretty busy in Alkmaar especially when there are cheese markets. So be prepared!

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