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~ The Pluto energy attracts the energy from spirit and transforms it into a frequency.


You have probably heard people talk about manifesting things. Or heard people say they use ‘the law of attraction’ on TikTok. Is this really possible and does ‘the law of attraction exist?

It’s important to not just follow a certain method online and to do you research. In this post I am going to give you some tips and methods on how to ‘manifest’. I am also going to explain if this is even possible and how it works.

In this blog post I am also going to give you my perspective on manifesting. I don’t believe you should manifest text messages, please keep reading because I am going to explain why.

My perspective on using the law of attraction is different. I believe there are 12 (maybe 13) Universal Laws. Attraction is one of them, but not the most important one according to me.

I think it’s wrong to just use the power of the universe to gain physical things. You have to trust in your Self and your path. I believe your soul knows what’s best for you. We need to experience dark times to see the good. All angels have been trough hell.

I think it is good to take control over your life and don’t let the goverment or social norms guide you. But it’s also important to trust in yourself and the universe(which comes back to you).

So what does manifesting mean? Which method works best? How to start manifesting. You probably have some questions you want to be answered before you start ‘manifesting’. In this blog post I am trying to explain this as best as possible.

What does manifesting even mean?

Manifestation’s origins are in religion and spirituality it means that if something spiritual becomes real, it is said to be a manifestation. This means that if you believe in a spiritual world, or you believe things are first on a higher plane and than ‘manifest’ itself physical, you believe in manifesting.

I believe that before we can see things physical, it’s first being decided in a higher world. This is the spirit world, the world of everything, the world of creation, the creatix.

Manifesting is something we always do. When I was young I would walk home from school and would keep repeating in my head: “I want to eat cake”. By the time I was home my mom would have some apple pie for me. I did this with a lot of things and was never aware of what I was doing. I was influencing my reality here on earth by having positive thoughts in my head.

How can you manifest with thoughts?

Since I was young I was subconsious aware of how influental my mind is. I have trained my mind since a young age. Not everyone has this, some people realised this later in life, which is totally fine. Something you have to realise then is that you are going to need more than just positive thoughts to make big manifestations.

I believe we live in an electric world. Even protons and neutrons are energy when you look deeper in it. The light from this screen is energy and the tree gives off green light which is just a certain vibration that is visible. Vibrations influence our world so much more than we realize. Everything around us has energy and vibrations. I have never seen something without it.

If you think deep enough about it you will realise that this energy influences that energy. This high vibration will influence that low vibration. Every idea of action in your mind is being send to your body in the form of energy through neurons. This is an vibration, every idea or thought is actually a vibration. This vibration will influence your energy.

Have you ever met someone who just doesn’t feel right? And later you find out she talks bad about you behind your back. This feeling is an energetic feeling, they are low vibrations.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR YOU: It’s important to think positive about things in your life. But never ignore your feelings in your heart, if you feel bad about a situation, you feel bad about it. Don’t lie to yourself and continue expressing your emotions. What is important is that you can break a negative cycle of thinking. Try to acknowledge your feelings, accept them and transform the energy into higher vibrations. Every day of your life is a lesson and of very high value in your journey of life.

Manifesting methods

Now I have to say I am not using any manifesting methods. I know that I already have everything that’s meant to be in my life. I manifest hapiness in my life with thoughts. I do make lists with things I want to achieve. Some of these goals I already have achieved and some have to wait for a bit. I am not a very materialistic person, I don’t need a new phone or people around me to make me happy. But I am not gonna lie, I like epressing myself trough fashion and I make lists with little things I would like to have. Everytime I find myself crossing things I have achieved or gotten from this list.

I believe that law of attraction goes hand in hand with the law of action. The Pluto energy attracts the energy from spirit and transforms it into a frequency. Then the law of action from Mars is being stimulated to get the things it wants. I believe Pluto is the Yin side about feminine and spiritual things and Mars is the yang side about masculine and physical things.

If you want the law of attraction to work you most not only spiritual work for it also physical. Physical you must take action, spiritual you must just let the energy flow and don’t force the outcome. Spirit knows best!

The best manifesting method is different for everyone. For me visualizing works, writing is something I prefer to do only for my blog.

Visualizing: Meditate and visualise yourself in the future. Feel the air around you. Smell the fresh trees around you. Look at the house you want to manifest. Touch the door. Experience every single detail. Your mind will register this as a real experience and will create the vibration of having the house. The more you do this, the stronger the vibrations.

Writing a story: This is a method wereby you write a story of your future as if you are experiencing it as now. Same as the visualization technique, write it with every feeling and sensation in your body. Let all your cells vibrate on the energy ow that what you want.

369 method: This method is very popular on TikTok. It means you write affirmations 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon en 9 times at night. Maybe this will work for some people, however I think something more is required to really manifest big things.

I have found an easier and more effective variation of the 369 method. This method will teach you how to connect your mind with the universe. This is essential if you are trying to manifest.

In this online course they make use of the sacred numbers 369. Take a look for yourself, maybe this is something for you: 369 Manifestation Code.

Dreams: When you are sleeping, your subconsious is very active. This is the best time to manifest. You can influence this time by using manifesting methods just before you go asleep.

I wish you the best on your path to becoming a Goddess! A beautifull Goddess who is in charge of her destiny. Someone who lets her wild spirit guide her through hell and heaven. She walks with angels and demons around her, but she is not bothered by them. She knows she is going to achieve those goals even when no one believes she is able to. Know your power Queen! You can and will manifest everything that is alligned with your souls path!

I hope you enjoyed reading this! I did like writing this blog post. I think it’s one of my favourite blog post I have written. Just writing free whatever I want about something I am passionate about. I love it, it’s something I want to do more on my blog.

Have an amazing day!

-xx- M. Nella

Extra note: this post does contain affiliate links. This means I get a small percentage if you buy something. Nevertheless this post is written from the hearth with a lot of passion, like the Aries I am.


  1. Oh my goodness! It is like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pictures to drive the message home a bit, besides that, this is informative blog post. A outstanding read. I will definitely return again.

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