~ The life we create is based on our motivations. So by what were you motivated to be where you are now?


Be present and look around you. Are you were you want to be? Is this the dreamlife you dreamed of when you were a child? Does this life fulfill you on all aspects? It stimulates you mentally, emotionally, financially, physically and last but not least spiritually.

The life we create is based on our motivations. So what motivated you to be were you are now? That is a question you should ask and answer for yourself. There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love <3 Which one you choose to live by is up to you.

No one would want to create a life full of poverty. But still so many people life in that reality. What motivated them or better asked what emotion motivates creating a life you don t dream of? After all everyone wants to create their dream life, still so less people have actually done it. And on the other hand, so many people feel lost or sad in life.

They are driven by fear, by their reptilian brain. This causes them to not fully enjoy life and live up to their potential.

In this blogpost you will learn about motivating factors when making decisions. You will learn about the influence of the emotions love and fear on your brain. Or better said how the mind influences your emotions.

Continue reading to find out more.

Types Of Fear

Acute Fear

First it’s important to know that there are two types of fear. One is acute and heightens your awareness. You will feel this kind of fear when you are having an accident with for example a car or airplane. When experiencing this type of fear, adrenaline will rise in your blood, this causes you to be alert and sharpen your thinking and actions.

Mental Fear

The other type of fear is way sneakier. He doesn’t show up when there is actual danger. This fear arises from within, it comes from our mind. It tells us stories that aren’t true. Do you recognize this fear in yourself? Do you tell yourself that you aren’t enough to be accepted? That others will judge you once you show them your true self?

This fear comes from beliefs within out mind. For example, you need to do a presentation on your work. Lots of people will fear this. Will I look good? Will they  find it interesting? Will they judge me? As you have noticed all these beliefs are not in the present moment. They are anticipations of how others will react. When we are focusing on the negative aspects of their reactions we will feel fear in our body. Aristotle defined this kind of fear as “pain arising from anticipation of evil”.

Your mind can make you or break you. When we focus our mind on the potential danger, we are not living in the moment. We are anticipating over a situation that can arisen, but there is a big change it won’t happen that way. When our mind is driven by fear, we do not control it. We let a natural instinct take control of our body and emotions. We block certain experiences from happening and we don’t experience life deep. We won’t be able to live high on life.

Since this type of fear comes from the mind, you can control it with your mind. If your mind allows the fear, you will live in fear. You will be motivated by fear. But if your mind doesn’t allow the fear into your mind, you will live more freely. You will be able to feel life more deeply and experience it more. You are in control of  which side you choose: Fear or Love? What do you choose?

Of course everyone would say simply love and then hope they will live out of love. Sadly it isn’t that easy. When we were young we were way more freely.

The Source of Mental Fear

I think we should all learn from children, they can teach us so much! Children are free, they don’t care about their jeans getting dirty. They just want to play in the sand and go on adventures. They are not thinking about the future. Their actions are motivated by their present desires.

As the children grow older, they learn to think about the future more. We teach them to think about their actions focused on the consequences. Once they have a certain age, they will like us be driven by fear. Society learns them that they will be judged by people. We kill our mind from being free with this fear.

Are you one of the many humans out there that were teached to life in fear. Are you motivated by the anticipations of evil? Or are you motivated by the idea of loving yourself and others? You do things because you want to show love to yourself. Do you want to make yourself and other loving people proud?

Stories In Our Mind

So what does living out of fear really mean? Is it just anticipating about the future with pain and fear? No, it is way deeper than that. If we really want to change the way our mind thinks, we need to understand the mind very deeply. We need to understand the mental concept of living out of fear.

When we experience fear we are making stories of what could happen in the future. These stories are driven by fear and will influence your decision making and actions. You tell yourself these stories a lot of the time subconsciously. You don’t even realize you tell yourself these stories, you only see the result. A pattern that keeps you from achieving your dreams. A patten that keeps you from your human potential. It is our birth right to manifest our dreams into reality. Sadly these subconscious stories can block your desires and inspirations.

The subconscious stories are imprinted deep into your psyche. The only way to find out what stories these are is by connecting to our psyche or by studying the results of your stories. I think the last option will be the easiest one to find out what stories you tell yourself.

Your Life & Your Dream Life

Look at the world around you. Are you fulfilled with what you see? Can you enjoy the small moments in life? Are you happy with how you make income? Ask yourself questions like these and answer them for yourself. If the answer is no a lot of the time. You are not living your dream life.

How is it that your are not living your dream life. Maybe you will give an external reason as the problem or you will acknowledge the stories. For example, if you are always scared in social situations, you are scared in these moments. Ask yourself what scares you, you will probably answer the people. Your fear of people comes from somewhere and there is a big change the source is in your mind. Do you tell yourself a story or belief that blocks yourself of feeling free in social situations?

It’s important to be self aware. This is the only way you can really catch yourself when you are feeling fearful or loving. When we are self aware we are conscious of ourselves and the world around us. We will be able to see what patterns repeat themselves. We may want to focus on the positive cycles, but it is even more important to focus on the negative cycles. These cycles need to be broken. But they are so deep in us that that is going to ask effort and energy from us.

Self Reflection

We need to find out what the source is from the cycles, is it fear or love. Once you can see the negative cycles repeat themselves in your life and you acknowledge the stories they stem from. You will be able to transform these stories. Change them into something positive or just completely delete them from your mind Hard Drive.

According to a study of Tasha Eurich only 10 to 15% is self aware. This is lower than you may have thought and it shows that this is something almost everyone need to work on.

It’s of great importance to become more self aware in our everyday life. Connect with your Center when you are walking towards something. Do it slowly and really feel the energy within you. Maybe even close your eyes for a moment. Then open your eyes and look around you as if everything is a result of what stories you tell yourself in your mind. Really look and observe what is happening in your life. Are YOU feeling good or sad? What is the source of this feeling?

The people around you, do they motivate you? The lifestyle you are living, does this motivate you? If not, it’s probably motivated by fear. But do you want to life in fear?

Or do you want to love the way you look? Do you want to love the lifestyle you are having? Do you want to love who you are, your energy? If so, then you should start to live out of love. Love is an emotion that brings harmony, love and peace.

Love In Your Life

The embodiment of the emotion love is the Goddess Archetype the Lover. When you are in a point in your love, where you want to connect more with your loving side, connect with the Lover archetype. She is in everyone, some have awakened her energy more than others.

Please I ask you to be very critical when answering this question. Are you living out of love or out of fear? If the answer is fear, think about. Think about the consequences, the things you won’t achieve, the things you will never know. Your human potential that keeps blocked by these stories. Is that really how you want to spend your time here on planet Earth?

It is never to late to change your life 180 degrees. Love this moment as your read the last sentences of this blog post. Enjoy the feeling of being present in your body. Do you feel all that energy in you hearth? That is called love and it is what is going to lead you in life. As long as we follow our hearts desire we will be happy.

Live with your heart! Live with the warmth of your soul!

-xx- M. NELLA


  1. This came at a very much needed time. I’ll reflect on this to pivot myself onto the path I want to be.

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