~ Why would you want life inside of a box, for safety, social acceptance? Is that worth giving up you true self?


We don’t even realize how much we are being influenced by the society we life in. From a young age we are being teached to hide our period, to hide our breasts, to hide our feminine nature to just be.

We are women and we just want to BE ourselves, BE happy, to be able to express our soul authentically. We can’t just do something we want to do for ourselves, otherwise society will tell us we aren’t productive.

We are useless and worthless. That’s the message of the media. To hide who we are.

The believe system that the media pushes unto us prevent us from connecting with our inner cycles. We are blocking our potential and can’t awaken our true self.

When we do this we are rejecting a part of ourself. We feel ashamed of that part that is a part of us and try to hide it. But why are we doing this. That part we feel ashamed of is part of us, of our Self.

We shouldn’t be ashamed of a part of us, even when it seems so small and meaningless. Part of your journey in this life is accepting who you are.

Accept yourself with all your faults and perfections. Accept the light and the shadow. And most of all, ignore what society thinks, ignore the haters and keep expressing your truest self. Who you are, is to be proud on.

You are a magical Goddess. You are so unique there is no one else like you. Embrace yourself and be proud on who and what you are!

Social Norms In Our Society

I don’t mean to offend or offend anyone with what I’m about to say. Nor do I want to force my worldview on you or declare mine the best. This vision is purely based on my experience in society.

What I see a lot in our society are social norms, everyone follows them blindly without questioning. And when you ask them about the social norms and how they influence them, this is their answer: ‘I actually don’t want to do this, but everyone else does it this way, I am afraid they will judge or reject me.’ This answer is understandable, but as long as everyone thinks this way, nothing is going to change.

A lot of humans life inside of a box. Inside this box they are safe, but they must follow the rules of this box. Follow the social norms, otherwise you won’t fit in the box. They teach you that people outside the box are weird: ‘look at them, you don’t want to end like that, don’t you? Well, follow the rules then’.

Why would you want life inside of a box, for safety, social acceptance? Is that worth giving up you true self?

I have always questioned these social norms. I didn’t know why but something didn’t felt right. Everyone around me was cool and grown up because they did follow the social norms. But when you question it and don’t follow something blindly, you are weird and unhygienic(what does that have to do with it?!). Man and even women will call you a hippy or witch, now I don’t think that immediately is negative, but a lot of people in our society look down upon those people/stereotypes.

Blocked Sacred Energy

I believe that a lot of social norms don’t serve us. They do not serve humanity. The only reason these social norms are here is to keep is un a box, to keep us locked, away from our Truth.

Now, I do believe there are good social norms of course, but there are also very bad ones. What I saw when I observed these social norms was that they had something in common.

With a lot of social norms, they keep us away from tapping into our Sacred Feminine or Sacred Masculine Energy. What will happen when we can’t tap into our Sacred Energy?

Exactly we won’t be able to channel this energy. And what happens then? We will live a life focused on the physical needs, instead of finding balance.

Finding harmony between the physical and spiritual world, between matter and energy. These social norms are the source of a lot of wounded energies. They connect us with our Shadow, they connect us with the unhealed parts of ourselves. We will choose the easy path in life then. Instead of staying authentic and rebel against systems we don’t believe in, we stand and accept it.

Feminine Energy

Feminine Energy isn’t (just) about physical beauty, it’s about spiritual beauty. This energy has to do with spirit, actually about connecting with this source of energy.

So when this Sacred Energy is blocked, because we reject it, we won’t be able to (easily) channel with Spirit. Because of this we don’t know what we want and what we really dream of, what our Soul dreams of.

We don’t know because we don’t know ourselves. We don’t know ourselves on a spiritual level, which results in us only knowing half of ourselves.

How can you know your Souls dream, if you don’t know who you are on this level?

It’s so important to be able to feel, to feel energy. The only way to know yourself and the universe is to be able to feel energy. To know how these energetic pattens work, this will truly set you free.

Your Boobies

From a young age, girls are more or less forced to wear a bra. Sometimes that is physical, because otherwise you are not allowed to go to school. But sometimes that is also in a social or mental area. Every girl friend wears a bra, so you want to wear one too. That is the social pressure, you want to be part of the group. You want to be seen as cool and grown up. You probably didn’t see it that way, it’s something subconscious.

Would you wear a bra if no one else did it? Would you shave your body if no one else did it? I’m not trying to tell you to stop doing these things or to tell you what to believe. I even don’t want you to stop doing those things, because I am asking you these questions.

What I do want is that this will make you think about it. Why do you do the things the way you do? Is it because you wanted this or because it’s what society expected from you?

I am now going to talk about bras. I totally understand why you would wear a bra. Especially if you have a bigger breast or they hurt easily. However, it is important to consider the physical, mental and spiritual consequences. There are, of course, positive and negative consequences.

I have personally never worn a bra. When I was a child, it didn’t felt right. It felt wrong to cage a part of me, a part of me that is so sensitive and beautiful. I believe your boobs are truly magic, and there is no reason for hiding them.

For me, boobs represent femininity, it’s also what connects you with feminine energy. Can you name another body part that connects you so deeply with this inner nurture nature?

Your breasts feed babies, they represent fertility. Breasts feed life in my opinion. So what happens if you cage them?

Physical that means you can’t feed your child. Well than you just take it off and then feed your child. This doesn’t really seem like a big problem. But when we look at this from a spiritual perspective, this sound like a bigger problem.

Spiritually caging your boobs could represent caging your Feminine Energy. Boobs, they are literally the most feminine body part, sadly they are demonized in our society, they are seen as dirty, something you hide.

But that’s not what they are, they are pure, Sacred. Boobs connect you to your Feminine Energy, they connect you to Spirit. So if you cage your boobs, you are rejecting this connection. Symbolically you are saying: ‘No, I don’t accept this part of myself’. This belief is, of course, not really helping you if you want to connect with your Divine Energy.

Your Wild Divine Energy

Ultimately, I think we all want to embody the Divine Energy. But how can we do that when our Divine Feminine Energy is rejected? It’s not about looking pretty or being passive.

No, true feminine empowerment comes from balance. When the masculine and the feminine energy is in harmony. This isn’t easy in a world in which we are often are way to focused on the material world. When our decision making is controlled by our physical needs and desires. It blocks us from connecting with our wild nature.

Our wild nature awakens in us when we connect with our Feminine Energy.

She doesn’t follow anyone’s rules, she guides herself.

Her intuition is her compass, it will show her what to do.

Her authority is inside of her, it’s her Feminine intuition.

The cosmic laws guide her through life.

As long as we follow authority outside of ourselves, no wild energy will awaken. No rebellion against things that don’t serve humanity.

As long as we follow social norms that don’t serve us, there won’t be a connection to Spirit (deeply).

Your power to rebel against things or patterns that block your feminine power. It’s the power to break social norms, in order to connect with your inner nature.

You are nature, honey! Please don’t reject a part of yourself.

You are an alchemist, so please tap into your power. Transform all that dark energy into light energy. Into something so pure and powerful. It has the power to bring peace to the world.

Isn’t that what we ultimately want?

-xx- M. Nella


  1. Dude, I must say that overall I am fairly taken with this web page. It is apparent that you know you subject matter and you are passionate about it.

    1. Thanks! I indeed really like writing about these topics. Why waste time on watching movies if you can create your own movie 🙂

  2. I had this article saved some time before but my computer crashed. I have since gotten a new one and it took me a while to locate this! I also really like the template though.

  3. Now thats what true feminine energy is, the meaning of feminity also changed according to time. Good going!

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    1. Hi, I don’t know how to solve that problem. I can see all the pictures and on other devices I can see them too. I changed the settings of the first picture, maybe you are able to see that one now. Let me know if it worked!
      -xx- M. NELLA

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