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~ How to style leggings.


Leggings don’t look good with every outfit, sadly. But once you know the tips and tricks on how to style leggings, wearing them will become easy for you.

Read this blog post and learn how to style leggings. I promise you will never want to wear something else and you will look very put together.

First I am going to give you some top ideas to wear with leggings.

Then I am giving you some styling tips on how to make an outfit with leggings look good, or in general an outfit.

Finally I will give you some accesoiries ideas you can add to your outfit to make it look better and get some outfit inspiration.

I hope you will like this and find it informative!

Top ideas


This look is very comfortable and it will look great!

I’m sure everyone has leggings and a hoodie hanging in their closet.

It can look like you are a basic school girl, but if you match the right colors and keep it simple, it can look very put together and stylish.

In the first look a black legging from missguidedus.com is being matched with a grey hoodie and white sneakers.

The second look is an all black outfit with only the shoes as exception. This immediately makes the outfit look very put together. The white shoes and socks make the outfit a bit more interesting. The leggins and hoodie are from asos.com.


I love cardigens, they are so comfortable and cozy.

They look so good with leggins, they cover your butt and it makes you feel less ‘exposed’. They also contrast great with the tight leggings.

In the first look a loose cardigen is being matched with leggings and a crop top. The loose cardigen contrasts with the black leggings and white crop top. This makes the outfit look better. You can buy this cardigen on asos.com.

The second look is again an all black outfit. It looks sporty and chigue at the same time, I love it! This cardigen and legging is from the plus size collection of boohoo.com.

Because yes, leggings don’t only look good on small girls, they look good on everyone!


Blazers are very chique and immediately elevate your look.

Wear ribbed leggings with leggings and a shirt in the same color scheme and you will look very stylish.

You can wear this look easily outside of the gym. Wear them to school or work and you will look very trendy!

This first look is styled by Cass Dimicco and looks so put together. The leggings on itself are fantastic but the blazer makes the outfit complete.

The second look is very trendy with the dad socks and oversized blazer. Perfectly for a trendy school girl. I don’t know who the girl in the picture is.

Bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are a great item that make your legs look longer and slimmer.

It’s also a great way to attract attention towards your legs. My favourite look is high waisted leggings with a cropped bomber jacket, as you can see in the pictures.

Credit goes to the girls, which I don’t have the names of.

Crop top

Crop tops are very popular right now and I understand why, they look so cute and girly.

I think this look is more appropriate for sporty days and less for going to school or work. When you wear a jacket over it, it will be more appropiate for school.

I really like the looks the girls are waring in the pictures. I don’t know the name of the first girl. The lounge set of the second look is from parisianfashion.com.

Denim jacket

A denim jacket will always be in trend.

Right now cropped and oversized are in and it looks realy great, especially if you combine it with tight leggings, as you can see in the pictures.

I have no idea who the girls are in the pictures.

Styling advice


Matching colors will make every outfit look 10 times better.

It looks like you spend a lot of time thinking about every piece, when in fact you just picked out items that have the same color scheme.

The first look is photographed by Jereme Moeller from Getty Images, the top from second outfit is from adanola.com.


Another great way to make an outfit with leggings look more put together is to match the material you use.

In the pictures below you can see how amazing that works out!

I don’t know who the girls are in the picture, but they look amazing.


This is not how fashion designers would call it, but this is just how I name it, haha!

When you have thight leggings on the bottom I would advice to go for a more loose look on the top. This way it doesn’t look to revealing.

I would make an exception for crop tops with this, because they just look so cute and sporty.


A blouse from under a hoodie

with sunglasses and a cross body bag

with sunglasses

tugged in t-shirt with a bag

So this was it for today! I really hope you got some inspiration and information from this.

I personally love leggings and I am so happy it is more normalised to wear them outside of the gym to school or when buying groceries.

Will you be wearing leggings more often outside the gym?

Have a nice rest of your day!

-xx- M. Nella

P.s.: All the pictures used in this blog post are from pinterest. They are not mine, the owner of the photo is linked if I know them. <3


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