HOW TO RAISE your VIBRATION & live HIGH on life


~ How the sun attracts the planets, we attract with the same force as this celestial body things into our life.


We humans are strong magnets, we attract things with our energy. Because of this it’s important to have a high vibe. We want to have a feeling of flowing through life.

When we are doing something new that brings us joy we feel this flow. It gives us energy and makes us feel high on life.

You don’t need weed to feel high. Just make sure you have an high vibe, you will automatically feel like you are on top of the world.

In this blog post you will learn about easy ways to raise your vibe and/or vibration. These tips will help you attract a soulfilled life. A life with passion for what you do and with a feeling of joy.

What Is Our Vibe

Everything in the universe is made of atoms, these atoms are always moving. They move on a certain vibration. This can be a low vibration or a high vibration. You are in control of those vibrations of atoms in your body.

Our emotions are in fact just e-motions, electric motions. Our heart can feel the energy around us, she translates this to the mind in the form of electric motions. Our brain then reads it as a certain feeling, emotion.

When we want to raise our vibe/vibration, it’s important to notice our emotions. Things that make us feel good mean most of the time it’s something of a high vibration. It’s important that those things make us feel good in the long term too, so no escapism. Things that make us feel sad or tired mean they drain our energetic body. Try to avoid these things.

For example watching ‘adult movies’ can feel good in the moment. But it’s of a very low vibration, it drains our body, our mind and our soul. Watching these movies can make you feel good because your body reacts to it, but the energy is so bad. Try to limit your exposure to these movies.

Raising Your Vibration

All these atoms in and around our bodies are connected and constantly moving.

How the sun attracts the planets, we attract with the same force as this celestial body things into our life. The moon attracts with all her femininity the water of the ocean to her.

We are like the moon and the sun. The moon stands for yin and attracts feminine elements like water and earth. The sun stands for yang and attracts masculine elements like fire and air.

To live and feel in a positive way, we must always try to break negative vibrational cycles. We must try to build positive vibrational cycles.

Cycles of ebb and flow, of being and doing. In other words being in our feminine and masculine. When we master both sides we become strong magnets for positive things.

I do think that it’s important to connect with our bodies to raise our vibration. It doesn’t matter if you are a women or man. Learn about the functions of your body, the mind, the heart, the reproduction organs, the eyes and more. You will appreciate your body more and see your own magic.

Your body is truly magical. All those small atoms that create stars far away also make your body. You are made of stardust, the universe is within you.

How Your Mind Influences Your Energy

Our mind is very influential on our energy. Controlling our minds can be hard in these times. Organizations, commercials and media try to control our minds, they know how powerful this body part is. The first step to raising your vibration is to reclaim your mind. Your mind is yours and you are in control of it!

Here are some tips on how to raise the vibration of your mind:

Meditate: I know everyone is talking about how you should meditate, it’s can be anoying. But they are right, meditation can be very helpful. You will be able to control your mind more, this way your energy will have more authentic high energetic vibrations of your spirit and less low influenced vibrations of your outer world.

Watch your thoughts: We don’t realise how much we are thinking everyday. Instead of saying: “I look tired today” when we look in the mirror, say: “I feel calm and feminine today”. All these thoughts have vibrations. Make sure they are positive about yourself and others.

Stop criticism: You don’t have to be so critical of yourself. We are in this universe-ity to learn about ourself, we are not meant to be perfect. We are here to experience ourself in a different form. Don’t be so critical about other people, they are here like you to learn their own lessons.

Explore nature: Nature always brings peaceto the soul. The soft rustling of the leaves and the birds talking to each other is so relaxing. Nature connects us with ourself, we are the earth and part of nature. We aren’t part of big citys, these vibrations are unnatural. The vibrations of nature will uplift the spirit and give energy to our bodies.

Write in a journal: I love writing, when I write about things I love I connect with my inner self. I listen to my heart and use my passion to create sentences. You can of course start a blog like me, or you can just write about your day in a journal.

I always keep a journal on my nightstand. In this journal I answer questions I have for myself, my life and the universe. It keeps my mind busy, that’s something I love with my Gemini Venus.

Focus on positivity: Yesterday I cycled home on my bike. Half way home it started to rain very hard. Most people took shelter under trees. They didn’t like the rain, this is understandable. But I focused on the positivity, I thought: “This rain will clear all my negative energy, I will feel reborn”. And you know I did feel good when I was home, I changed into a comfy outfit and ate some chocolate.

I could have said: “F*ck this rain”, instead I focused on the positive side of it. I am very aware of the power of my mind, negative thoughts wont serve me, positive ones will.

Daydreaming/ Visualizing: I love daydreaming about my life. During the day I don’t day dream a lot, I try to life in the present moment. But in the evening when I am in bed, I can ejoy myself. I daydream about goals and wishes for my future.

When visualizing try to really feel and experience your dream. You will adopt this frequency and manifest things using alchemy into your life.

How To Influence Your Energy With Your Body

Our physical state is a result of our energetic frequency. When we feel good about ourself, our vibe immediately raises. The moment we enjoy the outfit we are wearing we get more confidence.

You see with our physical bodies we can influence our energy. The same way we need energy to create these bodies. It’s a yin and yang, it needs each other.

Here are some ways how you can influence your energetic vibration with your body:

Breathing: Breathing is the life force within us. It keeps our body alive and because of that, has a lot of influence on our vibration. Become aware of how you breath. Short breaths that don’t go deep or long, deep and slow breaths from your womb.

Wear complementary colors: What I mean with this is know your energy. If you know that your energy is darker, like a Scorpio. Don’t hide this or feel ashamed of it. You are powerful and use this power. Wear darker or stronger colors like dark red to make you feel better. Your body and spirit will connect more.

If you now you are a lighter person like the sun, then wear bright colors.

Eat soulful: Which foods make our soul laugh, and which one makes it cry? Know what food you eat and make sure it has energy in it. Don’t eat junk food and processed food. Instead eat local vegetables and other products of nature.

Dance/Move: Dancing on your favourite music is one of the best feelings I think. Know what kind of music you like, then make time (if possible) everyday to dance for 10 minutes to this music. Connect your body with the atoms around you that are constantly moving.

Listen to music: Music has so much power, it is the sound of frequency! Can you imagine how cool and wonderful that is. I am thinking about it right now and it’s an crazy thought right!? It’s important to listen to music that makes you vibrate higher. I like listening to trance and the harder styles, but it doesn’t really matter what you like.

I download mixes of youtube and then change the frequency from 440 to 432, this is a personal prefference. You can’t hear a difference, but your heart can sense it. For me the music is more intense, like I am on drugs, but I am not of course. Never done drugs, I am a very good girl. <3

Almost forgot this one.. Yoga: You are probably thinking yoga, yes yoga! I thought it was super easy and boring. But let me tell you, it’s not! I am an ex gymnastic and I struggle somethimes with basic poses. It hurts my ego, which is a good thing tho. 🙂

You can download a super hip yoga app or just follow a youtube video. It’s good to do this before going to sleep to connect with your body and enter the slow flow state. You know what I mean, right?

Slow Flow State, remember that, that is what we want to live in. But we also want high vibe frequencies!

These were all my tips for today. I have more tips but my mind is going a bit weird. You see I told you in the beginning of this blog, high vibrations will make you feel high on life. Just writing about these vibrations makes me already light in the head (positive). Can you imagine actually doing those things? It works!

Live high, above all the demons trying to attack you. You, beautiful soul, are a powerful angel. Demons are below you. Low frequencies are below you. You are high in the sky with all the high vibrations!

Thank you for reading this blog post! I hope you learned something. Until next time …

-xx- M. NELLA

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