~ Love brings us in harmony and it keeps us balanced. Love is truly a wonderful emotion.


Do you want to manifest a lover into your life? A great way to manifest love is to write a love letter.  This is fun to do and efficient. This is possible and you can do it very easily. It requires faith, attraction and last but not least action. If you want to find out more about how to write a love letter, then continue reading.

We all want love in our lives right? Love is the ultimate balance between the feminine and the masculine. It’s not always about two genders, but it’s always about the spiritual characteristics of those.

Love brings us in harmony and it keeps us balanced. Love is truly a wonderful emotion.

When we are surrounded by love, we automatically become love. We are then balanced in both the spiritual and the physical realm. This makes us very powerful. We then become the masters of our own reality.

In this blog post you will learn about how to write a love letter to manifest a lover. Of course you can use the same steps to manifest love in general or something else you desire. Just make sure it comes from a place of love and not fear.

By following these easy steps you will manifest what it is that you want!

1. Write Your Love Letter

The first step is to become clear about what it is that you want. It’s very important that it comes from your heart. What is it that you care about. Do you care about loyalty, then write that in your love letter. Do you care about fitness, then write that in your love letter.

Without care there will be no love. So it’s very important to know what you care about and from that love can manifest itself.

Care is in the spiritual realm and love is the physical manifestation of care. So first write down everything you care about and then you can start loving it.

2. Set The Intention

The next step is to set the intention that this will come into your reality. This step is very important in attracting what is aligned with your purpose.

Believe that everything that you desire will come at the right time. Maybe it takes 1 hour or it takes 1 year. Trust in the divine timing and that everything will happen in the end.

3. Feel What You Desire

Now it’s time to start embodying what you desire. Feel from the heart what it is you just wrote down. Feel very deeply that you will get in contact with this person.

Have faith in yourself and the divine timing that you will meet this person. Believe that this person isn’t far away, but is actually very close. He or she is already in you heart spiritually, only physically do you guys need to come together.

4. You Deserve This

You deserve to be happy and have everything in you life that is meant to be in your life. If you feel a burning desire that is not from the ego but the soul, then you can have this.

Believe that you are deserving of this and that you can have this. You are a beautiful human being and you deserve to be happy. Even though happiness doesn’t come from the outside of course. It’s very important to first love yourself unconditionally, I am going to talk about this later.

5. Work On Yourself

It’s very important to realize that if you want to attract a loving partner that will be lasting, you need to also be a loving partner.

So let’s say you want to attract a very healthy living partner, someone who works out four times a week and eats a strict diet, but then you are watching Netflix and eating popcorn. Of course this relationship is not going to work out.

So what you need to do is change your lifestyle. This is not something that happens overnight. No, it starts with changing your mindset.

In this blog post you can read more about the influence of a growth or fixed mindset. It’s very important to have a growth mindset: Get A Killer Mindset!

Become today 1% better than you were yesterday. Everyday you wake up 1% better than you were the day before. This is a motto I life by and I’m sure it’s going to help you too.

Implement small habits that will have a positive impact on your life. Create patterns that are serving you and break the patterns that are not doing you any good.

6. Love Yourself

Love yourself for who you are and realize that everything you desire is already within you. You seek things outside of you because they are going to make you inside feel good. It’s important to know that your happiness truly comes from within.

Having goals and dreams is good but it won’t make you happy. It can only make you temporarily feel high, but it’s not lasting.

In my other blog post about how to live high on life you will learn  more about how you can get into this state (naturally, so without drugs :)).

Love yourself because of the traits you are searching for in a partner. All those uniqueness’s are within you too, love yourself for them!

7. Be Conscious About You Energy

You attract were your energy goes.

You focus on shit, shit will come in your life.

You focus on butterflies, you will see butterflies everywhere.

So be conscious about how you spend your time and energy. Don’t focus it on thins you don’t truly want. Only focus in on the things you do want to attract into your life. Focus on want you want in a partner not on what you don’t want.

8. Align

Align yourself with the universe. Align with what it is you desire and have faith that you will find this perfect partner. You have to align with the frequency you want to attract, make sure it’s pure and loving. Vibe High!

9. Bonus Step

Look at your past relationships. Do you see any patterns in them. If you do see a negative cycle in those relationships then it’s very important to do some healing.

Look at yourself, do you maybe posses some of these traits? If so, you need to work on that. If you attract narcissists, then look at yourself. Why do you keep attracting these type of people? Journaling about this will be very helpful.

This is already the end of this blogpost. I really hope you liked reading this and let me know if you made a love letter and if it worked for you. If you have any questions, please send me a message. I hope you have an amazing day!

Hi, Love!

Let me know (in the comments) if you are going to write a love letter and if it worked <3 I love reading comment from you guys!

Let today or tonight be an enlightening time and may you connect with nature. Take a deep breath and get in touch with your energy. Just be in this moment!

You can leave your name and email below, if you want to stay in contact with me. And if not, I hope you will have an amazing life full of love and joy!

May our souls meet again!

-xx- Nella


  1. i would love if you could make an app in the future with all your manifestation advice and tips!!

    1. Wow, that’s such a cool idea! I have no idea how to make an app, but if I ever come across a developer I will definitely think about this idea. I hope you are having a nice day, lily! xx Nella

    1. Hey Lily, of course that is possible. However I do think it’s better to focus your attention on 1 or a few things at the time. You can not have a house, luxury vacation, boat in 1 month if you are broke right now. Your subconscious mind won’t believe you. So make it on the edge of being realistic in your current situation. Dream big but make it believable for yourself. xx Nella

  2. I have a question..after you write the letter what you do with it? Do you have to put it down of the pillow??

    1. If you believe that this will help than you should do that! My mom used to put notes of the test she had under her pillow the day before the exam, maybe it works. You can also put it somewhere prominent, so that you are reminded everyday to keep focusing your attention on that what you want in life. I hope this helped, let me know if you have any questions <3 Nella

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