~ The house is your daily routine, if you don’t have enough stones, your house won’t be strong.


Changing your mindset is the most important thing if you want to change your life. Every choice is made in the brain, so if you to change the everyday choices you make you have to start right there.

Your habits, routines and priorities won’t change when your mindset stays the same. The dreams you have stay dreams and they don’t become goals. In this post I’m going to give you some tips based on studies on how to change your mindset. What you have to realize is that changing your mindset is something you have to do.

Seeds may be planted externally, but they must be watered internally!

– M. Nella

Fixed or Growth Mindset

If you want to change anything you must know where you are right now and what you want to change. Carol Deck writes in her book Mindset: the new psychology of succes about a Fixed and a Growth Mindset.

You have to identify which mindset you have right now. Do you avoid challenges? Do you ignore negative feedback? If the answer is yes, you probably have a fixed mindset.

A fixed mindset is static which means that someone with a fixed mindset thinks personality and intelligence is something you are born with and can’t change.

Studies show that children with a fixed mindset are more focused on judgement, they want to prove they are smart or not. In contrast children with a growth mindset ar more focused on improvement, they see effort as a way to build their abilities.

Someone with a growth mindset sees intelligence and personality as something that can be developed. With this mindset you will have more succes!

The fact that you are reading this means that you are interested in change and growth, big changes you have a growth mindset!


Having a fixed or growth mindset also influences how you seek feedback. Research was done on this, researchers gave participants a test. The researchers gave the participants the option: Did they want to look at the tests of people who had done worse than them or the tests of people who had done better?

The participants with a fixed mindset choose the ones worse, they wanted to feel better. The ones with a growth mindset choose the ones better, they wanted to learn.

Change the way you speak

First,change the way you speak about yourself. Don’t say “I can’t do this”, instead be positive and say “I can do this”. Correct yourself if you find yourself being negative.

After you changed your inner dialogue, change the way you talk to people. Don’t talk in a static way like “This can’t change” or “I have always done it like this”. Instead say “I will try something new”.

Goal oriented

Why do you want to get a killer mindset? What is your goal? It is important you have the anser to these questions.

Take some time and journal(write) in a notebook about your life and goals. You can find lots of journal questions on pinterest. Write whatever comes to your mind. This way you will see what you want to achieve, dream big and follow your heart. (Don’t listen to haters!) Some ideas are: being healthy, mentally stronger, social life, business and money.

If you want to have your own business, life as if you already have your own business. Be or learn to be responsible and organized etcetera.

Change/Create habits

As I have written in my other blog habits are the stones that build a house. The house is your daily routine, if you don’t have enough stones, your house won’t be strong.

It is the same with habits, habits make you the person who you are. You can either be disciplined and succesful in life or you will sit on your bank scrolling through your phone, achieving nothing.


When you change your mindset, a lot of other things will also change. You have to be open for this change, otherwise it won’t work and you will keep your old routines.

Change is uncofortable because it is new and unknown, your brain doesn’t like that and will try to keep your old routines. It is important to fight against this and stay strong.

Change is hard but the reward is definitely worth it! Embrace the change!

I hope you learned something from this blog. Have an amazing rest of your day!


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