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~ I want to take care of myself, because I love myself! I think this will automatically make you more beautiful. It’s about finding yourself, accepting yourself, embodying yourself and last but not least expressing yourself.


What is the secret of becoming beautiful? No, getting lip fillers won’t make you beautifull and a bbl won’t eather. In this article you will find the secret steps to becoming more beautiful! Applying these 4 steps will take work and energy, but the outcome is worth it. You have the potential in you to be more beautiful! Your life, body and everything else can change. Let’s just begin reading this article. I hope this can help you! 


First, let’s look at the meaning of the word beautiful. According to Google, beautiful means “pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically”. This would mean that being beautiful is not a set of physical traits, but more a feeling it evokes.

Being beautiful is not about having big lips and a big butt. No, it’s about the feeling you give to other people, about your energy. Furthermore, it’s about how you have embodied your energy. The only way you can embody this truly, is by accepting your authentic energy. I will write about this later in this article.


The etymology is also very interesting. Beauty comes from the Latin word bellus or beltet which means “pretty, handsome or charming”. This word was used mostly for women and children. In other words, it was used to describe the feminine, the wild. I think this could suggest that beauty comes from that wild nature. Free spiritedness will give you beauty.


It’s about stepping out of your cage and being unapologetically yourself. As a result of stepping out of this cage you will be able to rise up. Your energy will go higher. You will reach levels you thought were unreachable. And with this, you will embody your energy more. You will realize that you don’t need to change or find validation from other people. No, the only thing you need to worry about is accepting yourself. This is truly the only way to become more beautiful. 


Have you ever wondered what happened to that friend of yours? She used to play small and be sad. But then one day, something snapped in her. This was her life and she was wasting it away worrying about other people’s acceptance. She decided to start living for herself, to be life.

She started to ask questions like: “What do I want to do?” instead of “What does society want me to do?”. (It’s sad but most people are subconsciously driven by the last question.)

Besides living her life, that friend became more beautiful. Listening to her became more pleasing. Her style became more pleasing. Her aura became more pleasing. That is true lasting beauty! It’s about failing, learning and rising up into your power. Earning respect, not because of your status, money or prestations. But because of how you dealt with failure and life. 

Forgiveness and kindness will come naturally with true beauty. If not, it’s only physical beauty, ideas implanted into our brains. Society may tell you that is beauty, having an hourglass figure for instance. But true beauty is in someone’s essence.

Now, I am not saying that beauty is not physical. Because that’s not true! I believe that when you start to accept your truth more, you will automatically express this truth more. 


I have always had a lot of questions about life. When I was 6 years old I remember asking my mother these questions, of course she had no answers. I wanted answers, while society didn’t even have the questions. 10 years later I slowly started to find the answers. The answers weren’t direct. No, it was more a feeling. A feeling of just knowing myself, that feeling gives a lot of peace. I wanted to understand this universe when I was 6 years old, but truly I wanted to understand myself. 

So when I was 16 I started to understand myself more. I started to embody my authentic self. I think this is the secret to becoming more beautiful! Because, I started to express myself more, I started to wear the clothes I liked, I started to eat the food that gave me a good feeling (healthier). I wanted to take care of myself, because I love myself! I think this will automatically make you more beautiful. It’s about finding yourself, accepting yourself, embodying yourself and last but not least expressing yourself. 

It will take me probably many more years to become the person I know I could be. But I know that there is a lot of potential in me and I won’t quit growing. And neither should you! Maybe you are not where you want to be. But someday, you will be there! I believe in you! Now believe in yourself!


If you don’t know where to start just remember the following steps:

  1. Find yourself
  2. Accept yourself
  3. Embody yourself
  4. Express yourself

Where are you on this journey? Honestly, I think I am on all stages. Yes, I express myself more. But there are still parts of myself I need to find out and accept. Self discovery is a beautiful journey that will even give you eternal beauty. 


This is it for today. I hope this article helped you, it’s maybe not what you expected, but I hope in inspired you in some way.

You can leave your name and email below, if you want to stay in contact with me. And if not, I hope you will have an amazing life full of love and joy!

-xx- Nella


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