~ Know the energy you radiate and try to play with it.


Have you ever wondered why wearing black always looks good or why red is such an attractive color to wear? In this post I am going to explain the meaning and effect of colors on your brain and body.

Maybe you are thinking right now, colors don’t have an extra meaning or effect on the body. But I am going to explain to you that that is not true.

We associate colors consciously or unconsciously with things. We associate green with nature and nature gives peace to the soul. This means everytime we see green, it gives us a feeling of calmness, even when we see green in the big city. Unconsciously we still connect green with the relaxing effect of nature.

You are also going to find why you have always been attracted to a certain color. Use the power of this color and add it more often to your outfit. For example when you always wear black, you give off a mysterious aura.

Know the energy you radiate and try to play with it. When wearing black try to reveal not too much information. This way the power and vibration of the color will remain it’s power.


This color reminds me of a Scorpio. Someone with a lot of depth and secret knowledge. This is also what this color means, it gives a depth.

If you want to look mysterious and attractive, wear the color black. When wearing black you can also look thinner and longer.

Black is also a very attractive color. It makes you more interesting because you don’t reveal a lot, since black is a very neutral color.

Black is a color that doesn’t absorb any light, it let s nothing in. Therefore black is also a color of protection. You will not absorb any negative energy when wearing this color.

When you are going to a new place and want to attract attention, wear black. This color will make you look mysterious. Try not to reveal too much, then the black color won’t lose it’s power.


Red is a very interesting color. My first througt goes to a passionate Aries with this color. People wearing this color will automatically look more sexy and passionate, especially when you are an Aries or Scorpio person.

The color red stimulates the heartbeat and breathing. It also raises blood pressure in our bodies.

When wearing red we give off an energetic aura. Wearing this color will attract attention to you.

The attention you will attract will be more sexual. So when you go on a date, wear red. It’s important you don’t look too revealing, because this will ruin the attractive sexy energy of red. When the man or woman can already see a lot of your private areas, he/she doesn’t want to see more. Be aware of this!

This bold color can cause stress, anger or frustration, when we are exposed too much to the color.


Orange is a color associated with intellect and communication. This is like a gemini, they are very energetic. It is also the color associated with the sacral chakra. This chakra is associated with sexual energy and creativity.

If you want to be creative, then wear orange clothes. Orange clothes will help you express the creative energy everyone has within them.

If you want to communicate with people or activate your intellectual knowledge, then wear orange.

Orange is also a very stimulating energy. It will give you a feeling of joy like geminis do. If you are a stand up comedian, then wear orange, because this color will energize you and is associated with fun.

Children love fun and laughing! Wear orange when you are around children, they will love it!


With the color yellow my mind goes like this: yellow, sunny, happy, leo. Yellow gives such a happy mood! It helps to release serotonin, so if you want to make the world a bit happier… wear yellow.

I think yellow is related to leos. Yellow makes you feel good and happy, this is like leos because they are also very energetic and cheerful.

Wearing the color yellow will make you feel cheerful. If you want to have a happy and sunny day, wear yellow.

Other people will immediately feel more happy when they see you wearing a yellow dress. You will be the sun shining light in the days of people!

Some nice fun facts:

  • Babies cry more in a yellow room.
  • Yellow speeds up metabolism.


I think you have heard this already somewhere, but I am gonna say it again. In hospitals they use the color green a lot because science shows that it is a relaxing color for the mind.

If you want to give off an calming aura, then wear green clothes. When you wear green clothes, your body will relax and alleviate stress.

Did you know green also improves your vision? It will improve your physical vision… Maybe it will also improve your spiritual/energetical vision in your life?

The green color also has a healing effect, no wonder you find it everywhere in the nature of mother Gaia. It’s nice to know that the color green is also associated with Taurus.


Blue makes me think of a sagittarius. Blue is an expansive color associated with Jupiter and the unlimited sky. The blue sky is always above you, when wearing blue you will feel protected.

Blue has a soothing effect on your brain. When wearing the color blue you will feel calm. It can also signify new knowledge and expansion.

Other people will feel protected and safe with you when wearing blue. Your aura shows growth, this can be intimidating for some people.

It also slows down your metabolism and suppresses your appetite. That is why Sagitarians are known for having curves.

Indigo (purple)

The color indigo is associated with the third eye chakra. This chakra stands for spiritual development, indigo will help you erase the physical boundaries. This way you can access define knowledge.

When wearing indigo, everything feels intense. This is also a very spiritual color, when you wear this color you will have spiritual abundance.

You have to understand that this spiritual abundance can mean experiencing ‘dark’ emotions like sadness and frustration.

You will radiate an aura of spiritual knowledge, this will be attractive for especially spiritual people. For some people this color will be too intense.

I think wearing this color in the Age of Aquarius that we just entered, is something very powerful! Use this color for the good and help change the energy into love!

Violet (pink)

This color makes me think of the sign Cancer. She is in my opinion the ruler over femininity. This is what the color also symbolizes, it’s not a weak color. Feminine energy is a strong and essential side of life.

When wearing this color, some people may think it’s too girly, but it actually means you are tapping into your femininity.

When wearing violet it will empower you. It will especially empower your feminine energy.

You will also appear more friendly when wearing pink. Other people will see you as the mother figure. The one who protects what she loves.


Silver is a strong and useful energy. Can you imagine all the things made of silver? Probably a lot of jewelry you own. We can say that we need this element. This is exactly like feminine energy, we need that strong stable basis to build upon.

Wearing silver jewelry will activate this feminine energy. It will help you with living an intuitive life with spiritual abundance.

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Gold is a very precious metal, this means it is very powerful. When you own gold you are wealthy. This means wearing golden jewelry will empower you. It will also give you abundance.

Spiritual gold is also associated with enlightenment. Wearing gold will give you spiritual abundance.

Gold will give you spiritual abundance on the yang side. This means it will activate your masculine energy.

When you need to feel powerful or be physical active, wear golden jewelry.

If you want to feel more feminine, don’t wear gold jewelry.

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Hey you! This is the end of my blog post about colors and their effect on your body and brain. I really hope you learned something and liked it.

Journal prompt: What is your favorite color to wear? And why do you like this color?

Have a nice rest of your day!

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