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How I started HIKING & 6 BENEFITS for my SPIRIT

How I started HIKING & 6 BENEFITS for my SPIRIT

~ Hiking in nature brings out the inner buddha in me.


“Don’t try to be normal and fit in. Don’t try to be not f*cked up, you will never be. Because truth is, we are all f*cked up in our own beautiful unique way. You will never be perceived as normal by everyone! Face the truth and just be yourself!”

What you read above is something I became deeply aware of during one of my walks. Of course we all already know this deep down. However it can be hard to realize this. Not just mentally knowing it, but also physically feeling it. In your brains, bones and the rest of your body. 

When I walk in nature my mind has the time to process and analyze things. As a result, I can pick up certain thoughts more easily. And thus become aware of certain ‘wisdom’. Hiking in nature brings out the inner buddha in me. Oh, and trust me she is way smarter than me. I learn so much from her!

One of the main reasons why I started hiking was because of the mental clarity it gives me. There are many other benefits and I will list them some later on in this article. For now I will just tell you a little about my story and how I started hiking. 

Imagine there is a time machine in front of you and this time machine brings you back to when the pandemic started. Some say it’s a plandemic, maybe… maybe it was planned. Maybe everything in life is planned by a higher source. That would mean it can be planned by God (Balance) or the devil (disbalance). In that case this actually was a plandemic. But who knows, maybe this is just an accident.

However… I don’t believe in accidents. 


Nothing in my life happens for no reason. Just like how I started hiking. When this corona thing started my school closed completely. The only lesson I still had online was physics. As a result I spent a lot of time on the internet, it kept me busy. But after a while, I had enough of it. I started to search for nice hiking trails in my area and found a lot of nice routes. 

So one morning… I had enough motivation to put on my walking shoes and to go get out there. You have to understand that doing the walk itself is not the hardest thing, it’s actually putting on your shoes. Physically it’s not hard, but mentally it is. I went to the area where the route started and started my walk. 

What I realized during this walk is that I enjoyed it. *Suprise! Suprise!* I liked seeing all the plants and little insects. Hearing all these sounds made me realize how closely connected I am to nature. I am not made by technology. “Duhh!” My phone is not me and I don’t need WiFi. The only thing I need is nature, that’s where you will find pure happiness. 

I was like: “Let’s do this again! And again, and again!” During all these little hikes (because trust me I don’t walk big routes) I realized some things. Below you will find a list with some benefits that I found during my little walks. I hope that this little story and knowing these benefits will help you with putting on those shoes. 


Walking between the trees will already give you a feeling of being connected to nature. There are actually ways of making this feeling stronger. In this other article you will learn 8 ways on how to connect with nature. You can do these things for free, but they are worth a lot. They will give you a feeling of oneness with  nature and you will feel more loved. Feeling connected to nature will help you in everyday life. 

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CONNECT with NATURE in 8 ways

No more excuses, grab your backpack and go for a hike in nature. Whether you walk for only 20 minutes or a whole day, you are going. That’s the end of the discussion!


Daily exercise is very important. Whether you want to admit it or not, you may not always move your body enough. Hiking is a great way to move your body. On the days that I don’t run or sport, I try to walk. I use it on the days that my legs or arms feel very sore, but I still want to get some daily movement. Walking is a gentle activity that doesn’t ruin my legs. Because after a long run, I really don’t need more stress on my legs. (Unless I don’t want to be able to walk the rest of the week 🙂 


I absolutely love the thrill I get from exploring new roads and places. Have you ever gone off road and walked on a little hill because it looked cute? And then you have the most amazing view ever? I love those surprises and what makes this even more perfect is that most people don’t come here.

It feels like nature is my secret place. All the city people forget about these hidden gems, but I found them back. 

I know my area way better and it’s nice to be (kinda) lost and to see a place you’ve been before. In moments like these you realize the blessing in being a little lost. Life is not about achieving x y and z. Life is about finding a new path when you’re lost and learning along the path. 


Sometimes I see things that evoke a reaction deeply within me. I act upon this inspiration and create new content or do something else creative. Inspiration can be a guidance. It can guide you towards your life mission and purpose. 

When I am in nature I have the time to turn off my mind and to just be in the moment. As a result, it’s easier for me to pick up on inspirations outside of me. Here you go… another reason to start (or continue) hiking. Oh!! And you can read the amazing article I already wrote about getting inspired! See you there 🙂

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Inspiration to me is also a way of communicating. It’s a language you have to learn. Our reality is a reflection of something very deep inside us. We can recognize patterns in our external world and in our internal world.


When I was stuck at home during the corona thing, I didn’t get a lot of fresh air. And that while it’s so important to get your daily dose of fresh air. One of the reasons I started walking is to get more fresh air.

When I breath the freshness slowly through my nose, I feel my spirit come alive.

Beside the ‘spiritual benefits’ of the air of nature, there are also physical benefits. Studies again and again show us that humans need fresh air. Sooo.. another reason to put on those shoes 🙂

Totally besides the point, but while I wrote this I kept writing hair instead of air. So weird..


Sometimes the walking routes are far away and you can’t walk or go on the bike to that place. Then I have to go with the car. For me that’s not a curse, because I like sitting in a car and enjoying how fast I go. When I am viewing the things that go by, I feel refreshed. Getting out of the city into the wilderness is a reset time for me. After the adventure in the car, you step out into the calmness of nature.

This experience is a blessing for my spirit. She is screaming because of the excitement and encourages me to keep going. I think my *spirit* is most happy when I am out of my comfort zone, whether that’s literal or only symbolically. She doesn’t want to stay at home the whole day. She wants to get out there and experience life.


Let today or tonight be an enlightening time and may you connect with nature. Take a deep breath and get in touch with your energy. Just be in this moment!

You can leave your name and email below, if you want to stay in contact with me. And if not, I hope you will have an amazing life full of love and joy!

May our souls meet again!

-xx- Nella


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