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~ This life is about creating your life, making your biggest visions into reality.


So many times we try to compete with people. Is it not with how much money we make, then it is with how we look or how “blessed” we are. Yes, you try to compare yourself with others just like me. The thing that makes a difference is are you controlled by this?

Does your need to compete control the way you look, the things you do in a daily living? If the answer is yes, then this means you can learn from that and grow. In this article you will learn how to get inspired by people and life in general. 


Where does this competition come from? I think a lot has to do with what we watch in the media. Since we were young we watched football games, in these games 2 sides are competing. On tv we watched talent shows in which only 1 person could win. So, is it weird that we are so focused on competing? No, absolutely not. These ideas were planted into our young brains from a young age. That’s just sadly our reality.

However, this doesn’t mean we can settle with this! It’s true that children aren’t responsible for their environment. It is however a choice to stay in that position as an adult. As an adult you can control the things you watch in the media and the trends you follow. 

As an adult you can change the story you were teached. Instead of the story “compete with others”, tell yourself the story of” getting inspired by them”. In this article you will learn how you can do this.


So why are we competing with each other? We could lift each other up, yet a lot of the time we don’t do that. I think this is because we secretly fear each other. We fear that if the other person is better, we will be less. Or that if the other person gets more attention, people will find us less interesting. 

Having said that, it’s not true. It’s a voice inside our mind that is telling us that we aren’t safe. To be specific it’s our reptilian fight or fly brain. I’m not saying this is all bad. But it’s not a healthy space to live from. You should live from a place of peace and love. This way others will inspire and motivate you.

It’s important to acknowledge the fact that you are (in certain areas) driven by fear instead of love. My other article “What motivates you fear of love?” is going deeper into this. You have to realize that you may fear that a friend is going to leave you if you do something. Though, losing this “friend” is going to help you in the long run. Don’t fear to lose or fall, don’t let the fear be stronger than your life force! Be driven by the love of life!


First of all, you are not trying to compete with others in every area. You are probably just comparing yourself to others in a few areas.Try to find these trigger fields. Find out the areas in life you feel maybe insecure or unaccepted. 

Maybe you identify yourself with being up to date with the latest fashion trends. Others being earlier with these trends could give you a feeling of losing a part of your identity. Only if you are competing with others. 


Now you have identified the areas you can grow, it’s time for the real fun. Just imagine yourself right now taking off the “comparing dark glasses” and putting on the “inspiration glasses”.

Instead of thinking immediately about ourselves in relation to that person, observe that person. Observe how beautiful her eyes are and how pretty she looks. When you take in the aura of that person you will notice things. You may notice that she wears a nice color or the way she speaks. Make a mental note about these things. 

It will probably take some time to implement these habits into your life. If you stay consistent, your life will change. With the “inspiration glasses” on you will be inspired by everything natural. So with that I mean humans, but also animals, plants, fire, water, air and earth. 


Inspiration to me is also a way of communicating. It’s a language you have to learn. Sometimes I see things that evoke a reaction deeply within me. I act upon this inspiration and create new content or do something else creative. Inspiration can be a guidance. It can guide you towards your life mission and purpose. Our reality is a reflection of something very deep inside us. We can recognize patterns in our external world and in our internal world. As above, so below! All these inspirations mean sometimes just recognizing something. It will give you aha! moments. 

Most of the time when we search for inspiration it won’t come. But when we are living life, that’s when we get inspired. The architecture of the church, the guy at the metro, that’s where we get the big ideas and visions from. This life is not against anyone, it’s not a game or a race. This life is about creating your life, making your biggest visions into reality. The only way for this to happen is to be guided by inspiration. 

Don’t compete or compare yourself with others, because that’s not who you are competing with. This is all an illusion, it won’t last. Others don’t control your reality, YOU DO! You control your reality so compare yourself to the version you were yesterday. 


What inspires you today? Maybe a bird is chirping outside your window and you will feel inspired to sing today. Act upon this inspiration. That’s the message I want to give you today. Stop comparing yourself with external things, instead get inspired by them!

This is it for today. I hope this article helped you and inspired you in some way.

You can leave your name and email below, if you want to stay in contact with me. And if not, I hope you will have an amazing life full of love and joy!

-xx- Nella

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