How I find my new FASHION STYLE

How I find my new FASHION STYLE

~ This new version of myself is not different from the old one. It’s only stronger!


Hello there friends! It’s time for a new Nella. A Nella that’s even more authentic to herself. That means my style also has to change. It just has to, it’s better for the overall vibe. Butt… what does my new style look like? That’s something I am going to figure out while making this fashion moodboard. 

I have been in almost every corner of Pinterest to find these amazing looks. I think they really look amazing, just like the women themselves. Sadly I don’t know the names of most of them. If you happen to know someone, please tell me in the comments. 

Keep in mind that style is something personal. You may find these outfits amazing (like me) or you don’t like them. That’s totally okey! I think my style is minimalistic and feminine with a sparkle of edge. Furthermore, I love the color black, in most outfits you will find this color. 

I also want to let you guys know that Gap & Old Navy sponsored this blog post. You may have heard of these brands before, especially if you live in the US. But if you haven’t heard of them before, here’s a little introduction:

Gap & Old Navy are brands that offer a great selection of high quality clothing. A lot of their clothing is very minimal, which perfectly fits this style I think 🙂 Of course you will have to thoroughly scroll through their site to find your favourite pieces. If you go to Gap’s ‘on-trend’ section and then filter on black, you can see lots of great simple staple pieces. These clothing pieces perfectly fit my ‘new’ aesthetic.

If you will buy something from Gap don’t forget to become a Rewards Member as you will get free shipping on all orders above $50. On Old Navy you will get 30% off your first purchase if you use the Navyist Rewards Credit Card <3

Okay enough talking, now it’s time for the visuals. Quickly scroll down and let’s discover my new style. Or just making the old style stronger. In reality, this new version of myself is not different from the old one. It’s only stronger. Before I was a football hitting you. But now.. now I am a bomb. Fragile but powerful! Okay okay let me show you the amazing outfits that I found. Again… all from Pinterest! 


As I said before, I would describe my style as simple and feminine with a little edge. I think the dress this girl is wearing in combination with the accessoires embodies this style. Take a look!



I bought a skirt just like this one some time ago. Let me tell you something… I am still in love with this cutie <3 This reminds me to wear it more often, it’s so cute!



A lot of the time we overcomplicate things. Why are we doing that? Just take a look at this outfit, so simple and effortless. This outfit could be a great methaphor for life. Look at life without analyzing the past or future too much. Life in the now!



Wanting to get this business deal? Just grab this blazer and you are good to go. Also… the women wearing this outfit is cathlin ulrichsen, I really like her style. Feminine with a little edge, good girl gone bad vibes you know…



… but I am still searching for the perfect one. If you know one, let me know in the comments. I love this one though, super feminine!


CASUAL or not

I don’t think someone would casually wear suspenders on the street. However, it will look so cool if you did. It’s all about how you wear it and I think this girl nailed it.




I don’t know if there is a cuter top out there that embodies the Moon goddess like this one. I really need to know where this top is from, it’s so pretty!



I really like these type of corsets. I think they look a little edgy, but are still feminine. Love it <3



This whole outfit is giving me black bird vibes. She is dark and mysterious. You never know what she is up to now.



I think this outfit is perfect for a late summer night on the beach. Just a cute black skirt with a nice blouse, then add some accesoiries and *boom* you will steal all the attention.




Her name is a the tip of my tongue, it’s something with epi and/or che. Do you know her name?



I already own a few pair or pants like these. They look minimalistic and are super comfy!



As you may have already noticed, I like flared pants. I think they suit my bodytype since I am very short. I don’t see my length as a problem and I love being short. Flared pants are perfect for small and short people.



I found this stunning women somewhere on Instagram, sadly I forgot her name. But take a look at this look (lol). The western belt makes this outfit complete. Since I am short I would opt for pants that are a little tighter.



I really hope that this fashion moodboard inspired you. Are you also going to create a moodboard like this or do you already know what your style is? Oww… and if you know what your style is, does it look like mine? Let me know (in the comments) what your style is like <3 I love reading comment from you guys (or girls)!

Let today or tonight be an enlightening time and may you connect with nature. Take a deep breath and get in touch with your energy. Just be in this moment!

You can leave your name and email below, if you want to stay in contact with me. And if not, I hope you will have an amazing life full of love and joy!

May our souls meet again!

-xx- Nella

P.s.: All the pictures used in this blog post aren’t mine. I found those beautiful style ideas on pinterest. Check out my beauty board for more inspiration!

Another p.s.: If you know the @ from someone in these pictures or the creater, leave their names in the comment section. All these pictures were found on Pinterest! Thank you very much <3


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