How old am I? I am 18 years old, born in 2004.

How tall am I? I am very short for a dutchie 160 cm/5’3.

Where am I from? Obviously from the Netherlands 🙂

How long have I been blogging? I started this blog when I was 17, I wrote my first post when I just turned 17.

What are your hobbies? Of course running this website, but I also enjoy photography, cooking, yoga, horse riding and many more things. I am still searching for new hobbies, so if you know something nice, let me know in the comments <3

How can I subscribe to your blog? Just scroll to the bottom and under “@bymnella” you will see a WiFi/RSS logo, click on it and then click on follow.

What theme do I use? I use Blocksy since it has a lot of customization when it comes to the header and footer. I created the rest of my website(the body) using WordPress Gutenberg. Since I don’t have coding experience I keep things simple and minimal.

Do you accept guest writers? Yes. Yes. Yes! If you think you can write a nice blog post, just let me know via email 🙂

-xx- Nella

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I am M. Nella and the owner of this website: by M. NELLA. My name means light and that’s also what I want to see more in this world.

It’s about finding your voice and taking your power back, then use this power to spread light into the world. With this website I want to help you find your light, your strengts.