Angel Number 1 (the Huntress and the Empress)

The first Angel Number I am going to talk about is number 1. When we think about this first number it seems logic to think it’s about new beginnings. New beginnings need motivation, originality and initiative to be created. Angel Number 1 also stands for leadership, creation and willpower, as you can guess Aries is the Zodiac Sign that rules this number.

Angel Number 1 is a sign of new projects coming near, have the courage to pioneer and expant your ambition. This Angel Number can also be associated with transformation, since it signifies new directions and beginnings. When you see this number repeatidly, you should embrace the change and let go of old patterns

When we see Angel Number 1 we should focus on positive desires and ideas. Be grateful for what you already have and prepare yourself for the future. During this time manifestations will come quickly. Don’t focus your energy on negative thoughts or things you don’t really want.

Angel Number 11 meaning: this Angel Number is a Master number and related to karma. When you see this number, you should become morespiritual. It’s a message from Spirit to develop your gifts, think of intuition and clairvoyance. When you see 11 repeatedly it’s a sign of spiritual enlightenment.

Angel Number 111 meaning: this Angel Number represents a trio of body, mind and Spirit. When you see this Angel Number, watch your thoughts and energy, it will manifest.

When I was on vacation during the summer, I saw a lot of 111’s. I camped at place 111, walked 111% of my daily goal and stopped in front of a church with 111 big on it. After my vacation I got a lot of new spiritual insights and my pinterest account grew. Seeing repeating 1’s can be a sign of spiritual and/ or material gain/succes.

Angel Number 1111 meaning: this Angel Number is very well known, we see it a lot on the clock. Again this number means you are manifesting things. Focus on the positivity and break negative cycles.

Angel Number 2 (the Sensualist and the Rebel)

Angel Number 2 can be divided by 2. This is important to know because 2 relates to certain things, I am going to explain it. Think of all the things that contain two sides… A scale, a relationship. Angel Number 2 is about balance and partnerships. Because of this it is also related to love and harmony.

Zodiac Sign Taurus is connected to number 2, it’s about learning and connecting to earth. Angel Number 2 can also be about intuition and emotions.

When you see Angel Number 2 it means to have faith in the universe. Trust your Angels and yourself and know that you are never alone.

Angel Number 22 meaning: This number is a Master Number. It’s all about the balance with this number. Get your life together, don’t focus on negative energies. Focus on the positive side of life. It’s important to get more balance in your life.

Angel Number 222 meaning: this Angel Number stands for trust in yourself and the Universe. It’s a message that you should continue focusing on the positive and everything will work out in your favor.

Angel Number 2222 meaning: This Angel Number signifies that you should keep having balance in your life. The result of this harmony are manifestations. Keep your energies focused on the positive.

Angel Number 3 (the Muse and the Siren)

Angel Number 3 is about communication, creativity and inspiration. It’s connected to Gemini, the 3rd house and the Sacral Chakra. This number is about creating things and expressing them. When you see this number it ‘s a sign to be free and connect with your youthfulness. Use your imagination and freedom to create adventures.

Gemini is the Zodiac Sign related to number 3. This number is also associated with growth, this can be social trough communication or art.

Number 3 is also about Trinity: mind, body and spirit. When we see this number we should connect all these sides of us and grow new ideas. This is also a sign of growth and increase. Watch your thoughts!

Angel Number 33 meaning: This number is a Master Number. this Number is a message that tells you to dream big, everything is possible. When you see this number it’s a sign that your dreams will manifest.

If you want to find out more about ways to use the law of attraction, check out my other blog: Manifest Like A Goddess With These Methods.

Angel Number 333 meaning: this Angel Number is a message from the Universe to trust them. Connect body, mind and spirit to grow in this life journey. Also be grateful for what you have.

Angel Number 3333 meaning: when we see this Angel Number it’s a sign to have trust in our mind, body and spirit. Love and support is always near, you can call upon guidance of your angels.

Angel Number 4 (the Mystic)

Angel Number 4 is related to security, stability and inner wisdom. It has an energy that is focused on building the (inner) self. 4 Stands for tradition, productifity and progress. This number is the builder, 4 also represents the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. It creates passion and self-discipline for iner wisdom.

The Zodiac Sign associated with this Angel Number is Cancer. Canceer is about emotions, needs, family and home.

Angel Number 44 meaning: this Angel Number signifies that you are connected to the Universe. The Universe will make sure you are stable. Trust on your inner wisdom that connects you to the universe.

Angel Number 444 meaning: this Angel Number means that you are bing protected. Work hard for your desires, the Universe has your back. Number 444 also means that you are connecting your feminine energy with body, mind and spirit.

Angel Number 4444 meaning: this number is an encouragement to work towards your dreams. Use the wisdom of the Universe and passion for your work. This is a sign that you will gain more ambition to work towards your goals.

Angel Number 5 (the Queen)

Angel Number 5 stands for the self. It’s about attraction of energy and the physical body. In astrology the Zodiac Signs Leo is associated with number 5, maybe this helps to feel the energy. Number 5 stands for individualism, imagination and influence.

When we see Angel Number 5 it’s a sign to follow our passion. This could also be a sign of major life changes, maybe you are going trough a transformation.

There will be unexpected oppurtunities, you are a magnet right now.You attract transformation into your life.

Angel Number 55 meaning: this is a sign to break free from the past. When you see 55 repeatingly, you should become more individual. Create your own persona and life, don’t follow the mainstream. The universe is on your side and guiding your transformation.

Angel Number 555 meaning: When you se this Angel Numbr it’s a sign that you will change physical, mental and spiritual. You are going trough an transformation. Focus on you life goals and have an sense of individualism.

Angel Number 5555 meaning: This Angel Number is a sign of the Universe, you are on the right track. You are manifesting individual freedom and wisdom. Also you are changing into a new person, embrace all this new energy.

Angel Number 6 (the Healer)

Angel Number 6 stands for healing and honesty. This number is related to humanity, service, growth and learning. This Angel Number is related to the Zodiac Sign Virgo. Virgo is about healing and nurturing. That is also what this number is about, it’s about agriculture and providing service.

When you see Number 6 it means you are manifesting healing and hope. hope for yourself and all the things around you. You are connecting with the truth and peace.

This is the Number associated with the healing and service humanity is in need of. We need harmony and selflessness on planet Earth.

Angel Number 66 meaning: this is a message from the Universe that you have guidance from the Universe to heal yourself.This means that you are manifesting nurturing energy and learning new lessons. Focus on supporting yourself and those in need.

Angel Number 666 meaning: This Angel Number is demonized so much! But in fact, this Number is very special and valuable. Angel Number 666 is a sign to focus on our spiritual journey. Transform negative thoughts into positive ones and heal your karmic lessons. The Universe is helping you, be an Earth Angel and help humanity.

Angel Number 6666 meaning: This Angel Number shows up when you are tapping into your healing energies. You have a powerful gift and you should tap into it. Use your powers and connect body, mind and spirit to strengthen them.

Angel Number 7 (the Lover)

Angel Number 7 resonates with spirituality, wisdom, intuition and inner-strenght. The Zodiac Sign connected to this number is Libra, this is the sign of Venus. This Means it’s about feminine things like mysticism and spirituality. When this Angel Number shows up, you are being guided to tap into your psychic abilities and loving nature.

Angel Number 77 meaning: When you see this Angel Number it means you are tapping into your connection to the universe. You are exchansing loving energy. You are being asked to create harmony and stability into your life.

Angel Number 777 meaning: This number shows up when our body, mind and spirit are connecting to the universe on a bigger scale. You are spiritual connected to love, this could be a sign of a new relationship. This is a sign to focus on loving yourself and others. Balance the energies.

Angel Number 7777 meaning: This is a sign of the universe to keep up the great work. Number 7777 is associated with manifesting love and harmony. Balance your energie and focus on positifity.

Angel Number 8 (the Femme Fatale)

ANgel Number 8 is about prosperity and free-will. It can be controlling and is about true justice. When Angel Number 8 enters your life a lot, it’s a sign of the universe to focus on spiritual growth and transformation. The Zodiac Sign Scorpio is related to this number. Because of this it’s associated with (finding) truth and taboo topics. Don’t be scared of this number, it has an strong energy, it’s magnetizing. Angel Number 8 is very essential when it comes to karma.

Angel Number 88 meaning: This Angel Number is a message to focus on your spiritual growth and embrace transformation. Know that the universe always has your back, ask for help if needed. Number 88 is also a sign to awaken your magnetizing energy, be strong and follow your own path.

Angel Number 888 meaning: This Angel Number shows up in your life when you are connecting to the Plutonic energy of the universe. This is a sign that you are transforming into a better person. Let go of old patterns and create positive ones. Prepare for strong magnetic energy coming into your life.

Angel Number 8888 meaning: This is a sign that you are manifesting big new changes into this physical reality. You will enter a period of intense change. Maybe a new career or your whole identity changes. No matter what it is, it will be positive as long as you focus on the positive things.

Angel Number 9 (the Maiden)

Angel Number 9 stands for responsibility, cycles, status and influence. This Angel Number is also associated with power and intelligence. Number 9 is ruled by the Zodiac Sign Capricorn. Because of this influence it’s about divine wisdom and tolerance. This Angel Number is about creating freedom and compassion. With this Angel Number we are able to learn and use power(for good).

When we see this number it can be a sign of ending/starting cycles. This Number is about taking leadership and being of sevice to others.

Angel Number 99 meaning: When you see this number it’s a message to follow your intuition. You intutition will guide you towards a new chapter in your life. Let go of relationships and things that don’t serve you anymore. Connect your posers and that of the universe and help huminaty change directions.

Angel Number 999 meaning: This number is really nice, it’s a sign of the universe that encouraged you to follow your life purpose. Right now is the perfect time to tap into your humanitarian duty. Learn from the past and teach your lessons to others. Let go of things that don’t serve you.

Angel Number 9999 meaning: This number shows up when we are manifestifesting new transformational energy into our lifes. With this new energy you can set an example for others. You will start a new way of living, maybe a new job or house. Seeing this number is a sign that you are following your life mission.

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