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How I started HIKING & 6 BENEFITS for my SPIRIT

I think my *spirit* is most happy when I am out of my comfort zone. She doesn’t want to stay at home the whole day. She wants to get out there and experience life. Well, what better way to do than hiking?

CONNECT with NATURE in 8 ways *feel alligned*

No more excuses, grab your backpack and go for a hike in nature. Whether you walk for only 20 minutes or a whole day, you are going. That’s the end of the discussion! Today, you are going for a walk, my friend. 

HOW TO wear RINGS in 2022

Who doesn't like to wear rings. They make your outfit look cute, they are not in the way of something. Just amazing! And.. it can even help you align with the energy you want to attract or embody


Amsterdam is a city worth visiting once in your lifetime. It’s more than just weed and legal prostitution. Amsterdam is full of history. When I think I have seen everything in Am

how to REWRITE your STORY & live your DREAM REALITY *10 steps*

The only way to truly take back the power of the mind, is to know when we give up control. When do you let these stories control you? When you know when you do that, you can say no. Say no to this story, this is not you, it’s a false belief. This doesn’t protect you, it only blocks your potential.

HOW TO take INSPIRED ACTION in 7 steps

We’ve all been there, you have many ideas but just don’t know where to start. When you walk in nature it inspires you a lot, yet you don’t know how to make these ideas physical! Basically you struggle with taking inspired action! 


I want to take care of myself, because I love myself! I think this will automatically make you more beautiful. It’s about finding yourself, accepting yourself, embodying yourself and last but not least expressing yourself.

I am M. Nella and the owner of this website: by M. NELLA. My name means light and that’s also what I want to see more in this world.

It’s about finding your voice and taking your power back, then use this power to spread light into the world. With this website I want to help you find your light, your strengts.