What is Sustainable Fashion Definition? Helpful Cheat Sheet for Terms

owever, it’s becoming more clear everyday that the clothing we wear isn’t exactly good. They aren't good for your wallet, but most of all this isn’t good for the world and its people. While being an active user on the internet and someone who loves discovering more sustainable brands, I have come across tons of names and terms. In this blog post I will cover some of these names and explain what they mean.

7 Steps to Upgrade your Closet! Free and Sustainable

There is never a good excuse to not give your closet an upgrade. And nope! This upgrade doesn’t require you to spend 2k dollars on clothing! It also doesn’t require you to give up your ethics and/or morals, since these tips are all sustainable! Here are the 7 steps!


So you wanna shop more ethically? That’s nice and all. But what exactly is that? Most people don’t want to enjoy things at the cost of others. Yet, that’s what we are doing everyday. We are buying clothes, made by people that had to pay a high price for it.

The Problem With FAST FASHION: negative impact

How come these fast fashion brands drop new collections faster than I can choose my outfit in the morning? Fast fashion only focuses on 1 P, the P of Profit. As a result, they don’t care about how they make a huge profit. But someone has to pay for these huge profits… Yup! The People and Planet are paying for it.

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