I needed some inspiration, so I obviously went to Pinterest. I searched for some nice photoshoot ideas. The pictures the algorithm promoted to me were pictures of girls in a grocery store. This inspired me to find a collection of cute pictures to recreate at the grocery stores.

My 7 FAVORITE HOBBIES that keep me going

Jewelry making is so nice to do. You don’t even need expensive products and equipment. I use different wires with some beads and it looks amazing. I also enjoy making gemstone necklaces with iron wire.

Why I take a GAB YEAR + my GOALS

People in other places in the world would love to be able to go study psychology or law. I know. But I also know myself. I know what makes me happy and those 6 years of studying made me realize that I don't love studying in school. That doesn't mean I don't like learning new things, I love it!

4 ways to INCREASE your SELF-ESTEEM and -WORTH 

Loving yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can receive. The great thing is that you can give this gift to yourself, no one else can give it. Be kind to yourself today and give yourself this present! 1. SEE YOUR BEAUTY As long as you compare yourself to others, you won’t be focused on seeing your own beauty.

daily HABITS of A HIGH VALUE women

Ready to change your life and become the high value women of your dreams? A high value woman understands the powers of her mind. If you don’t use your mind, then I have to tell you something. Your mind is using you and it’s not benefiting you!

The REASON I started my BLOG *Should I start a blog?*

I did not start blogging for others, but purely for myself. Because I enjoyed running a website and creating content. I think sometimes you need to do things (a little bit) because of egoistic reasons. Not everything you do has to be for others. Just follow your passion and do what makes your heart happy.

HOW to do SHADOW WORK & HEAL traumas

From earth we can see all the light during a full moon, while the shadow can’t be seen. On the other hand, during a new moon, the shadow can be seen, but not the light. This phase can be a great metaphor for shadow work. Instead of only focussing on the light, you focus (also) on the shadow.


If you’re traveling, but are not travel journaling, you’re missing out! Even when you only do day trips, travel journaling is a great way to collect memories and be creative. Besides these reasons there are many more benefits of travel journaling. In this blog post I sum up the most important ones.

how to USE your EGO & WHY YOU SHOULD

Inspiration to me is a way of communicating. It’s a language you have to learn. This life is about creating your life, making your biggest visions into reality.


For those of us that live in the city, we can get stuck in a flow. We work, then we cook the food, after relaxing it a bit, we go to bed. Then we repeat this cycle. Connecting with nature helps us to get out of this flow, we enter a calm flow. The flow of nature, the flow of you and me!

I am M. Nella and the owner of this website: by M. NELLA. My name means light and that’s also what I want to see more in this world.

It’s about finding your voice and taking your power back, then use this power to spread light into the world. With this website I want to help you find your light, your strengts.