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What is Sustainable Fashion Definition? Helpful Cheat Sheet for Terms

owever, it’s becoming more clear everyday that the clothing we wear isn’t exactly good. They aren't good for your wallet, but most of all this isn’t good for the world and its people. While being an active user on the internet and someone who loves discovering more sustainable brands, I have come across tons of names and terms. In this blog post I will cover some of these names and explain what they mean.

My New Clean Skincare Routine ft. Witlof Skincare Review

There are so many ways you can improve your skin in a natural way. I thought Witlof Skincare was semi-clean. You know those brands that call themselves natural but only use one natural ingredient for example aloë vera. However, Witlof Skincare uses 100% natural ingredients!

How to take a COLD SHOWER for hot girls – 4 benefits

There are countless benefits of taking a cold shower in the morning. In this blog post we will cover some of the benefits of taking cold showers. I will also explain how you can start taking a cold shower in the morning. Okay so the first benefit of taking cold showers is that your muscles will heal faster after exercising. This is very good news for the fit girls and gym bros under us!

6 TIPS to NATURALLY get better looking SKIN *glowing*

There are so many ways you can improve your skin in a natural way. Sometimes, all you need is the right tip and some time. I personally love nature and I believe that lot’s of skin issues can be solved with mother earth's love <3 You should eat a healthy breakfast full of ingredients that make your skin glow. Also don't forget your veggies. Click for more tips!

7 Steps to Upgrade your Closet! Free and Sustainable

There is never a good excuse to not give your closet an upgrade. And nope! This upgrade doesn’t require you to spend 2k dollars on clothing! It also doesn’t require you to give up your ethics and/or morals, since these tips are all sustainable! Here are the 7 steps!

4 Reasons To Eat Chocolate + The Best Candy!

I grew up (like many Dutchies) eating hagelslag -a.k.a. chocolate- on my bread. I know! I know! Sounds pretty good! But did you know that eating pure chocolate does have some great benefits? 1. Improve Memory 2. Boost your SENSUALITY ...


So you wanna shop more ethically? That’s nice and all. But what exactly is that? Most people don’t want to enjoy things at the cost of others. Yet, that’s what we are doing everyday. We are buying clothes, made by people that had to pay a high price for it.

9 Tips To Enhance Your Natural Beauty – Without Make Up

Instead of losing ourselves in the lies that social media pushes into you, let’s focus on the truth. The truth is that everyone is beautiful in their own way. With this blog post, I hope I can support YOU. Support you to enhance your natural beauty. Let that inner Goddess our. And show the world your natural beauty! 1. Smile = the best make up 2. Cold showers 3. Healthy (long) hair

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