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9 Tips To Enhance Your Natural Beauty – Without Make Up

Instead of losing ourselves in the lies that social media pushes into you, let’s focus on the truth. The truth is that everyone is beautiful in their own way. With this blog post, I hope I can support YOU. Support you to enhance your natural beauty. Let that inner Goddess our. And show the world your natural beauty! 1. Smile = the best make up 2. Cold showers 3. Healthy (long) hair

The Problem With FAST FASHION: negative impact

How come these fast fashion brands drop new collections faster than I can choose my outfit in the morning? Fast fashion only focuses on 1 P, the P of Profit. As a result, they don’t care about how they make a huge profit. But someone has to pay for these huge profits… Yup! The People and Planet are paying for it.

What is a Dark Feminine? – Meaning, Aesthetic & Energy

See the feminine as a circle and divide them in two. You have a dark side and a light side. The light side is where the light is, duhh… Whereas the dark side is not fully here in the physical. The dark side is talking about the side where the light doesn’t come. It’s everything that’s considered occult or taboo. 1. Mysterious 2. Powerful

10 super EASY & VEGAN SNACKS for STUDENTS and healthy people

talking about my favorite snacks. I hope julie like this. Because I mostly eat vegan, all these snacks are vegan or there are vegan alternatives. I try to stay as close to the source as possible, so I eat a lot of fruit. So my first snack idea is just an apple. Truly a top invention of mother nature.

Lookbook: 7 Looks you need in your Wardrobe

~ Spice up your wardrobe with these cute looks! M. NELLA Good morning! Happy to have you here with me. Today I will show you 7 outfits you need in your wardrobe! The outfits were inspired by the things I…

Most Beautiful Cities in the Netherlands – My Top 10 Places

You probably clicked on this blog to find out what the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands are. At the end of reading it you will know wich cities will be at the top of your bucket list. 1. Amsterdam, duhh 2. Maastricht 3. Den Bosch 4. Leeuwarden

How to Naturally get rid of Back & Shoulder Acne

This summer, the unthinkable happened: I got rid of my back & shoulder acne! I am going to share with you how I healed my back and shoulder acne over 1 summer. And what makes this even better is that it’s all natural. Last summer I started using all natural products for my face and body and this completely changed my body. I hope this treatment will help you the way it did for me.

How To Wear MONOGROMATHIC OUTFITS + 23 Sophisticated Looks & Tips

I think wearing an outfit in one color will (almost) always look good. If you are standing in front of the mirror and don't know what to wear, just choose a few monogramathic clothing pieces. Put them on and there will be a big change you will look very sophisticated. What I like about these monochromatic outfits is that they look very simple and minimal, yet not boring. At least, that's my opinion. I like the simple things in life <3

How to Look Stunning In A LONG MIDI SKIRT + 16 OUTFIT IDEAS

I love long skirts, they can look classy or very casual. It's all about how you wear it. In this blog I will show you some amazing ways on how to style a midi skirt. I surved on the internet in search for the best outftis and you can find them in this blog post.

How to look CLASSY & EDGY + What’s you fashion style?

Pinterest helped me figure out my style, I recommend using this platform to find your interest! When I scrolled through the photos I saw a pattern in the looks I pinned. What I saw is that most of the looks were simple, but had a little edge in them. Whether it was an all black look or edgy accessories. I liked the combination of class, with a sparkle of darkness. I think that also represents me.

I am M. Nella and the owner of this website: by M. NELLA. My name means light and that’s also what I want to see more in this world.

It’s about finding your voice and taking your power back, then use this power to spread light into the world. With this website I want to help you find your light, your strengts.