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~ We work, then we cook the food, after relaxing it a bit, we go to bed. Connecting with nature helps us to get out of this flow, we enter a calm flow. The flow of nature, the flow of you and me!


Mother nature is so beautiful. Her trees, her plants and all her animals create a miracle on earth. Where else do we find such vibrant colors? Just looking at the greens makes your energy feel calm. 

For those of us that live in the city, we can get stuck in a flow. We work, then we cook the food, after relaxing it a bit, we go to bed. Then we repeat this cycle. Connecting with nature helps us to get out of this flow, we enter a calm flow. The flow of nature, the flow of you and me! 

But did you know that nature can help create your dream life? I look at nature as if it is a mother. Not my physical mom, a spiritual mom. She guides me with vibrations and helps me align my energy. She whispers in my ear to follow my intuition. 


As I already wrote in the beginning, we can get stuck in a flow. I symbolise this flow as a spiral going down. You repeat rhythms that may seem like they stay the same. But in fact there is a force that makes it a spiral. This force is the vibration of fear and will cause the spiral to go down. Nature embodies the vibration of love. As you may expect, this will cause the spiral to go up instead of down. Love is stronger than fear and will always win. Connect with nature more often if you feel like you get in a flow of doing the same things over and over.

You may feeel like you are stuck and things aren’t improving, nature will inspire you to take care of yourself and keeps you grounded. Nature helps you connect with the earth and yourself. This will lead to living a more conscious life in which YOU take the decisions, not the system or someone else!


Her beauty speaks to my inspiration. The shapes of the flowers are so unique, yet you can find sacred patterns in each and every one of them. They all have their own roots that make them grounded. Still, together they create the magic. This art is not created by humans and they never will. Flowers are created by the laws of nature and the powers of this planet. 

Realizing this is very inspiring. True art is not about just having talent, rather it’s about working with your inner laws and expressing ideas. When you are in nature you will get inspired by the trees and the flowers. Nature is everywhere, being able to look at it and observe it will give you lots of inspiration.

This may sound silly, but a few days ago I walked in nature and observed a tree. The sun was lighting up one side of the tree and on the other side was a shadow. Now of course I already knew this, but I never stood still by this fact. If one side is in the light, the other one is in the shadow. This inspired me to think differently about things!

Sometimes we get so focused on chasing the light. We should appreciate where we are now. Yes you could have more money, but you already have food, water and love in you! Even when others tell you to chase the light, say no and instead be the light!


Our bodies are very strong and powerful. However sometimes they need to have a break. They need a break from all the electronic devices and radiation. Furthermore, they just need a break from wanting to do all these things in a day. You want to make food, wear nice clothes and have a chat with your friend. This is fine, but the body wants to just be sometimes. 

When you are in nature, your body will reconnect with its own nature. This will help you get in tune with your authentic energy. It will raise your vibration into its natural habitat! As you may expect, this will assist in manifesting your dream life in which you are following you soul’s mission.


According to this study we have more than 6000 thoughts in our brain a day (average). Are you aware of all these thoughts, I am not. Most of the time they just pass through my brain and I don’t even notice I am spending time and energy on them. But I am still spending energy on them, whether they are positive or negative. 

When we are in nature we can calm the mind. You don’t need to think about the past or the future at that moment. Rather you are spending your energy on connecting with the life force outside and inside of you. This will help you become more aware of the thoughts you have and indeed create the thoughts you want. You can  create the thoughts that serve creating your dream reality. 


I believe that nature can show us parts of ourselves. In essence we are nature. Just like animals we are experiencing planet earth, we just have a little more consciousness. When I am in nature I feel at home. I think this is partly because it reminds me of who I am. We are all part of nature, even when we sometimes forget this.

See the beauty in the animals, the love. Then find this love in yourself! Love yourself from the outside and the inside! Be love and express love. Love this life, it truly is a miracle! Create the life you have always dreamt of, you deserve it! When you get to where you want to be, give some of that energy to others. Lift others up with your gifts! Support and compliment others as you walk down your path <3


When we are in nature we can connect our mind, body and soul with the natural vibrations. We can connect with the spirits of the animals, we can communicate with them. I personally like to look at their body language and to send hugs to them. Animals are beautiful creatures. All animals are nice, but my personal favorite is the gorilla! Totally besides the point, but do you know Koko the gorilla? If not, google her!

Back to the point connecting your energy with spirit energy existing in nature will help you align your energy. You will be able to create your dream life easier. 


When we look deep enough into what drives this world, including yourself. We see two options: love or fear. Your mind can be driven by fear, your ego. It can also be driven by love, your soul. Choose love! Love will create a beautiful life for yourself and others. 

Have you ever got that feeling? You walk in nature and realize how amazing everything is. The birds sing a beautiful song for you and the trees give you fresh air! You realize that love is everywhere! You feel loved! Not because of your clothes or performance, but because of your essence. 

When you feel loved, you will embody the vibration of love. You will be loved! What happens when you are love? You compliment others and attract compliments! Your dream life will come to you!


This one follows on from the previous reason. As a result of feeling loved, you will create the life you dream of. You will also feel more gratitude. When you realize how simple life can be if you live in a state of love, you see the beauty in everything. It’s amazing how nature can create these beautiful things. You can also feel gratitude for human creations. 

I agree that some creations aren’t very nice, however there are also cool ones. We have roadways and cars. Furthermore, we wear unique clothes and have beautiful jewelry. And last but not least, we can create/shape life.


CHIRON embodies the energy of the HEALER! *Her aura is pure and calm!* She understands that life is very simple once you life in a state of love and care. Awakaning this archetype will help you when you connect with the spirit of nature <3

On this site I have more information about the Planets. I think finding out your dominant planet will help you become more authentic and will make it easier to follow your soul purpose. To find out your dominant planet you can take this quiz.

Let today or tonight be an enlightening time and may you connect with your energy. Take a deep breath and get in touch with your energy. Just be in this moment!

You can leave your name and email below, if you want to stay in contact with me. And if not, I hope you will have an amazing life full of love and joy!

May our souls meet again!

-xx- Nella



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