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~ Seducers are masters of energy!


What are seducers? Seduction can manifest itself physical, a good fashion taste for example. But just nice clothes won’t make you a seducer.

Real seductresses understand the spiritual power they posses. They realize that energetic exchange is way more powerful then physical looks. That’s empowerment! We all can be that women who knows how powerful her energy is. She embraces her feminine and masculine energy.

This lady is part of the Divine. She doesn’t just live in this universe, no she is it. In her is a galaxy full of bright stars.

A seductress is just like the moon. One side of the moon is always shining, it’s because the sun shines on her. On the other side where the sun doesn’t shine his light, the moon is dark.

When a women only accepts her femininity, she will keep living in the dark. In the end ,this results in an imbalance. However the moment a women let’s masculine energy shine on her, she becomes the seducer of the night. When she accepts femininity and masculinity in herself she becomes a Divine expression of the universe.

She is the Universe, she is the All. SHE IS SPIRIT: maternity and sexuality, constancy and variability, consolation and aggression, masculinity and femininity.

Everyone has a deep desire to connect with the Universe. In most people this desire is subconscious, they are not aware where it comes from. However what they do know is that they want this women in their life or something else. What a seductress does is using this knowledge. She knows people desire this Divine Energy. This women knows how to use the feminine energy and manifest it into the masculine realty.

Seducers are masters of energy. They know how to influence and with that they have impact. Humans crave a soul with this cosmic scale and impact. This soul has such a strong energy, it can teleport you into another world. Because she is the embodiment of spirit energy, it can electroshock you.  

A seducer can cast the biggest spells. She is an old soul, who is in tune with the Divine. The Universe is awakened within her. Because of that, she is in control of her reality. She understands that fate is actually the subconscious. By mastering the subconscious, you can alter your fate. Everything you desire can be yours when you know how to influence the energy.   

I am in control of where I focus my attention. I am in control of what thoughts I allow to remain in my mind. At times it may be difficult to achieve, however I am in control. And I am grateful.-Nicole Addison


PLUTO & NEPTUNE embody the energy of an seductress the most. Of course one must master both the feminine and the masculine archetypes. Therefore it’s important to also master MARS and JUPITER archetype. On my website you can read more about what the archetypes are and how you can awaken them in you. I would advice you to first take a look at PLUTO and then NEPTUNE. Realize that everyone has an unique seducer type, so maybe you are a Muse seducer.

To become a seductress, one must awaken PLUTONIC energy and NEPTUNIAN energy. Embody this sexual and erotic divine energy. See this energy as essential and pure, not as shameful.

The moment a women embraces her erotic divine energy she becomes a fascinating women. People/Men can’t figure her out. She shows so much beauty and wisdom, but still she is a mystery. That what society rejects and labels as bad, is exactly what the seducer embodies. She doesn’t label things as good or bad, she knows that nothing is purely bad or good.

Sexual energy is not bad, it can be one of the purest energies. Sexual energy awakens in a women when she embraces and connects the feminine with the masculine within her. When she does she will experience sexual freedom.

The Seducer

A lot of people can’t control her freedom, her wildness. But the seducer loves this nature, she loves the thrill of living.

For her life is a game, full of temptation, seduction and teasing.

Teasing the things you want, be it a house, money, love or spiritual enlightenment.

She is playful like your (future) child and wise like your grandmother.

The seducer is in control of her sensual body movements.

She controls her mind and with that her reality.

A seductress is an old soul, she knows why she came here on this planet.

To bring love and light!

-xx- Nella

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