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are we in a SPIRITUAL WAR? *truth*


~ You can’t expect Spirit or God to connect with you if you are perfectly fine the way you live inside of an illusion. The first step to finding the Truth is saying to yourself that you have had enough of the lies.


I remember watching the news when I was young about the war from 2011 in Syria. I got very sad because of all the blood and the crying children I saw that were my age. Furthermore, I got scared and would keep thinking about it when I was in bed. (I was 7) 


We all have had those moments whereby we watch the news and think about how f*cked up this world is. We as humans are killing others for what… for absolutely nothing. Why are we killing our brothers? And no, me and you are not killing anyone but we still live on a planet in which people are killing each other. It’s easy to point the finger to other people and I believe we should do that in cases like murder. If you did not trigger the gun, then you didn’t kill that person.

Yet I do believe that we should look at ourselves. Maybe all this hunger and fighting because there is also an internal war going on, in every single one of us that reflects into our collective. Or maybe war and hunger is just the way things are and we shouldn’t search for a deeper meaning. 


So what would a spiritual war look like? First of all a war always has two or more sides fighting for something. They both want to have something, however only one can get it. 

When we combine this definition with spirituality, we get a war that is deeper. It’s not a war whereas the parties are fighting for ground or power. No, in a spiritual war there are sides ‘fighting’ for spirit. One side wants (the holy or divine) Spirit in people active, weras one side wants to separate the body from the soul. One side would want humans to live in Truth and the other side wants the humans to believe in lies. 


We hear a lot of the time that things are dual. So would that mean that this duality is fighting in this spiritual war? I personally don’t think so. I think that on one side you have the balance, on this side things are pure and truthful. On the other side we have lies and disbalance. For example, this side uses the ego that gives you individuality for a connection to the collective. This is not pure because your soul connects you to the collective (not the ego). 

I think it doesn’t really matter what name you give these sides. You could call it the devil and God or lies and Truth. It’s about understanding these sides, one is the illusion and the other side is the (real) reality. I believe that the side of God, Spirit, the Universe, Truth or whatever name you want to call is pure. This side is the balanced duality that exists in everything natural. 

Then we have the other side of the devil, lies and illusion. This side is to my philosophy not needed to see the light. This side is not needed here on earth or anywhere in the universe. But the thing is how come this side is so active in our world? I think this has to do with ourselves. You will learn more about this later.


I can remember having a lot of questions about the world, like every other child. However, I can’t remember asking my mom this specific question, but she wrote it when I asked this. That’s how I know I asked this 🙂 

How can God exist when there are wars going on and children are hungry? How can a good God do such a thing? These were my questions and I think a lot of other children have had these questions. For a long time I didn’t know an answer and truly I still don’t know the answer for 100% sure. 

I think part of why the world is so f*cked is because we reject God/Spirit. We reject the Truth in ourselves and the world. Instead, we believe in the illusion/the Devil. We believe that our ego is all there is and that money will give us the happiness we think we need. 

I believe that we all have Spirit in us, we can use this to do ‘God’s work’ or our Soul Mission. Or we can choose to ignore this inner calling and instead live from the ego. I am not saying you should kill your ego, I think we got this tool for a reason. However, you should be guided by a pure calling from Spirit/within. When this is not the case, you will be guided by this external world. It can be a beautiful one! But only if we realize that money, love and things are not going to fill up empty space. The only thing that can fill up space is energy (for real) and I believe this energy is Spirit. 

It’s about realizing that what you see is not real. Yes, you are looking at a flower. But if we zoom in deep enough we realize that it’s just energy. Flower -> molecule -> atom -> (elektrons) protons & neutrons -> quarks: fast moving point of energy. 


As I said before, I believe we should all live in harmony and balance. If you want to live with Spirit (or God) in you, then you have to realize what their essence is. To me Spirit is about the Truth. You have to be Truth to automatically live with Spirit(uality) in you. And if you want to be Truth, you should search for the Truth.

Most of the time Truth won’t be served on a plate. You can’t expect Spirit or God to connect with you if you are perfectly fine the way you live inside of an illusion. The first step to finding the Truth is saying to yourself that you have had enough of the lies and you deserve more. You came her to find the Truth and embody it. When you have found the Truth about this world and about yourself, you will live more authentic and truthful. Now you reject the lies of the Devil and embody the Truth of Spirit energy! (you may call that whatever you want). 

I really hoped this triggered something in you. Finding the Truth is not something you can achieve in a week. I have been searching for the Truth for a few years now and the more you know, the more you realize that you don’t know anything. That wise quote is true!


NEPTUNE is the planet connected to spirituality. Furthermore, she embodies the macrocosm, the universe (inside ourselves). JUPITER embodies the microcosm, in other words this world. Because of these reasons, if you want to connect with the (hidden) Truth, you should connect with NEPTUNES energy!

On this site I have more information about the Planets. I think finding out your dominant planet will help you become more authentic and will make it easier to follow your soul purpose. To find out your dominant planet you can take this quiz.

Let today or tonight be an enlightening time and may you connect with your energy. Take a deep breath and get in touch with your energy. Just be in this moment!

You can leave your name and email below, if you want to stay in contact with me. And if not, I hope you will have an amazing life full of love and joy!

May our souls meet again!

-xx- Nella


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