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~ Reclaim your powers and use them to uplift yourself and others. This will make you a high value woman! 


Ready to change your life and become the high value women of your dreams? Then this article is just for you. Continue reading and let me give you that little push. 

Close your eyes and see the women of your dreams! See is strong, yet soft, masculine, yet feminine. See has it all, she is it All! And guess what? She is you, she is in you and you just need to call her. Call her and tell her that you are ready to become her. In this article we’re going to figure out how you can become this woman.

If you don’t know who the high value version of you is, that is no problem, sweetie. Life is a journey and you will figure things out along the journey. Let me help you on this journey! 

I want you to live life the fullest, live it in the most authentic way! Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, your idea of a high value woman is too.


We try to fit into the system we were born in. We want to follow the rhythms of money and time. Where there is the most money, we go there as if we are flies. A high value woman says no to that idea. No more following others, following egoistic desires, no more! If you want to be the highest version of yourself, you cannot afford to spend your energy on these short term things. They may give you quick dopamine, but in the long term, you will not be that high value woman. 

If we keep trying to fit into systems and rhythms that don’t benefit us, we will never be high value women. At least not how I see a high value woman. A high value woman to me is someone who doesn’t follow the rules, she makes them. She values her morals and follows them religiously! That’s her religion, not something external, no she worships the powers within her. 

Saturn’s energy plays a huge role in rhythms and systems in this world. She rules over time and money. These rhythms can work against you, think of satan. However, they can also work for you, you will be empowered by Saturn. This can only happen if you reclaim your power. You use Saturn’s energy and create rhythms and routines that align with the dream version of you. You wake up and the first thing you do is drink some water and go for a run, for example.

We need to tap into the powers of ourselves, we all have them inside of us. Reclaim your powers and use them to uplift yourself and others. This will make you a high value woman! 

Mind you that I use Saturn as a methaphor, don’t take things too literally.


The first thing you need to do to become a high value woman is to let go of all the limits you have put on yourself. We as humans feel the need to be accepted, and to be so, we need to be normal and fit into the system. Well, sweetie, you will never become that high value version of yourself if you keep listening to this idea. You don’t need to be accepted by others, this won’t give you a feeling of acceptance. Only if you accept yourself will you feel accepted. You need to level up and become the version of yourself you have always dreamt of in order to be proud of yourself. Accept the authentic you and become that version.

Ask questions like: “What do I want to do?” instead of “What do others expect of me?”. Follow your own intuition and be guided by this. Let go of all the ideas that don’t serve you, think outside the box. Think for yourself, be a soul not a follower! Be free spirited!


Now that you understand that you need to think outside the box. It’s time to dream. Have no limitations for yourself, everything is possible. Whatever you want: a dog, a cat or a house. You can have it all! Dream big! 

So many times I hear from people that my dreams are too big, or that I should be a little more realistic. But I won’t do that. I’d rather push myself to the limits with big dreams than live under my potential.. It’s true that I may not reach all my goals, but that won’t stop me from reaching as high as I possibly can. 

A high value woman knows that she is worth a lot. She can have it all and has big dreams. Her life is of high quality, she takes care of the details. No one can stop this powerful woman! She will go for whatever she sets her eyes on.

No matter what others tell you, have big visions. Have crazy dreams! Then create crazy plans! And last but not least take crazy steps! And you will see that your reality is crazy. Those dreams are now your reality, it’s totally possible. 


This step is crucial. The only way to become a high value woman is to believe in yourself! Be positive and believe that you can be a high value woman. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can the world believe in you? 

The world is beautiful so why wouldn’t you be beautiful? There is so much abundance in this world, so why can’t you have it? Be grateful for all the things around you, focus on the beauty! Don’t focus on the negativity, I will talk about this later on. 

It’s important for high value women to be confident in themselves. I already wrote a blog post about confidence, you can read this here!


Showing up as the highest version of yourself is very important. This highest version of yourself will be the high value woman. She is authentic and lives her dream life. If you want this, you need to show up as this woman. 

It can be hard to show up as the high value version of you if you don’t know her yet. Personal branding may help you with finding out who you want to show up as. Personal branding is not about creating an image that attracts 1 million people. Rather, personal branding is about creating a personal brand that attracts your ideal community. It attracts the people you would want to be friends with. For this reason, it’s important to show up as the highest version of yourself.

Showing up as the high value women, you will attract the things you want to attract. You look like a fashionista, you attract others with the same style. 

You won’t be in 1 hour on the other side of the mountain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show up as if you are already there. Walk like you are already in your desired reality. With each step you take, you will get closer to the other side of the mountain. 


A high value woman understands that she needs to focus her energy on the thing that she wants. If you want a plant to grow, you need to water it and give it the right amount of light. You can’t just put a seed on a wooden table and pray that it will grow. No, you need to put the seed in the earth with water and light. 

A high value woman understands that if she wants to feel loved, she needs to focus on love. Be the love and share this love with others. This will give you the love you desire. Focus your energy wisely. Don’t spend it on watching reality shows that don’t benefit you. Instead spend it on watching how to videos or documentaries on the subject you want to learn


We have all seen those friends. They smile in your face and as soon as you walk out of the room they start gossiping about you. These types of friends are not going to help you and once you get to where you want they want to eat from your plate. Why are you accepting these people into your life? Cut all the fake friends out of your life.

When I was in high school, lots of people gossiped, of course. It’s fine if they become happy with this attitude. However it’s not for me. I can’t give you a fake smile, it’s a real one or none at all! You want my opinion. I will give you my true opinion and not sugarcoat anything.

If I had to choose between having no friends or fake friends. I will choose having no friends. With this I am not saying that all people are fake. It can also be a friendship based on just not being alone and having someone to do things with. That’s not for me, I want a friendship because we have things in common, a soul connection. 


This one follows on from the previous one. You need to be comfortable in yourself. Doing things alone takes strength and will build your character. 

Having a period in which you go to festivals alone instead of going with your friends will help you a lot in life. I think this short or long period will teach you that you don’t need anyone and you are capable of doing things on your own. This will give you independence, independence from others and the world in general.

You don’t need anyone, you can do it on your own. Know that! However, life is more beautiful if you can share your voice, find people that understand the language you speak.  Do you get what I am trying to say? I mean that if you are passionate about improving yourself and becoming a high value women, find people that are also on this path and communicate with them.


Wanna learn more about habits of high value woman? Read my other blogpost about this subject here <3

Let today or tonight be an enlightening time and may you connect with nature. Take a deep breath and get in touch with your energy. Just be in this moment!

You can leave your name and email below, if you want to stay in contact with me. And if not, I hope you will have an amazing life full of love and joy!

May our souls meet again!

-xx- Nella

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