~ If you are travelling, but not travel journaling, you’re missing out!


If you’re travelling, but are not travel journaling, you’re missing out! Even when you only do day trips, travel journaling is a great way to collect memories and be creative. Besides these reasons there are many more benefits of travel journaling. In this blog post I sum up the most important ones.

1. Remembering

When we travel we mostly only remember the peak moments. These moments are special like doing a certain cool activity. But sometimes we can forget for example eating at that small restaurant. In a travel journal you can put the businesscard and that way remember you ate there.

2. Future

Besides remebering the activities you did a travel journal is also a great thing to look trough in the future. You can look back in your travel journal(s) in a totally different stage of your life. This is super fun!!

3. Organised

Of course there are also benefits of using a travel journal during your trip. You can keep maps of the area in your travel journal or adresses/phone numbers. This way you don’t have to carry around 10 folders and other (printed) articles and information. And my personal favourite, you can keep your planning in a travel journal! This sounds so obvious but it truly is so helpfull istead of having to check your phone everytime for the bus times.

4. Boredom

During a trip we often have to spend hours on a plane/bus/train. This time can be used to do something creative instead of just waiting. Travel journaling in a calm place in nature is so good for the soul. Or travel journal at a cute restaurant during lunch.

5. Calming

Everytime I travel journal, I’m immediately relaxed. It is so nice to be creative and collect things you got during the trip. I find it very calming to write down how my day went and put pictures in my travel journal.

6. Development

We grow so much from our trips and that is very visible in our travel journals. For example I started travel journaling when I was 8. It was my idea to draw something of every day of my vacation. Now I am older I things completely different and put much more into my travel journal. It is really nice to see how much I grew as a person and also my creativity.

7. Fun

And last but not least, it is fun to do! It’s so nice to look for new designs, doodles, pens and other stuff for in your travel journal. And it makes you feel like a child again without worries, just enjoying the trip!

I hope you now see why keeping a travel journal is so much fun and beneficial. Lots of fun!

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