7 Best Books to Improve & Boost your Social Skills

7 Best Books to Improve & Boost your Social Skills

~ Every small step in the right direction is a step closer to your goal


If you want to find out which books you should read to improve your social skills, keep scrolling. I will show you a list of the best books on how to boost your communication skills. I hope you guys like this article. I also wrote it for myself, so that I now have the best books in one place. I personally want to improve my social skills and I think these books might help with that.

Of course it won’t bring you from zero to hera, but every small step in the right direction is a step closer to your goal.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

by Dale Carnegie

“Since its release in 1936, How to Win Friends and Influence People has sold more than 15 million copies. Dale Carnegie’s first book is a timeless bestseller, packed with rock-solid advice that has carried thousands of now famous people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives.

As relevant as ever before, Dale Carnegie’s principles endure, and will help you achieve your maximum potential in the complex and competitive modern age.

Learn the six ways to make people like you, the twelve ways to win people to your way of thinking, and the nine ways to change people without arousing resentment.” Source: GoodReads.com

How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships

by Leil Lowndes

How to Talk to Anyone by Leil Lowndes contains 92 little tricks for big success in relationships. The famous saying that it is not what you know but who you know is indeed true isn’t it? Who we hang out with is who we become. Are you ready to become more?Here’s what you’ll discover…

— Chapter 1: How to Win Before You Begin

— Chapter 2: How to Carry On A Conversation With Anyone

— Chapter 3: How to Win When Communicating

— Chapter 4: How to Talk Shop With The Shop Owners

— Chapter 5: How to Make A Connection With Anyone

— Chapter 6: How to Praise People Correctly

— Chapter 7: How to Make A Lasting Impression Over Phone

— And so much more.

Source: GoodReads.com

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The Charisma Myth: How Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism

by Olivia Fox Cabane

“What if charisma could be taught? For the first time, science and technology have taken charisma apart, figured it out and turned it into an applied science: In controlled laboratory experiments, researchers could raise or lower people’s level of charisma as if they were turning a dial. What you’ll find here is practical magic: unique knowledge, drawn from a variety of sciences, revealing what charisma really is and how it works. You’ll get both the insights and the techniques you need to apply this knowledge. The world will become your lab, and every person you meet, a chance to experiment.”

Source: GoodReads.com

Never Eat Alone, And the Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time

by Keith Ferrazzi

“Do you want to get ahead in life?
Climb the ladder to personal success?
The secret, master networker Keith Ferrazzi claims, is in reaching out to other people. As Ferrazzi discovered early in life, what distinguishes highly successful people from everyone else is the way they use the power of relationships–so that everyone wins.
In “Never Eat Alone,” Ferrazzi lays out the specific steps–and inner mindset–he uses to reach out to connect with the thousands of colleagues, friends, and associates on his Rolodex, people he has helped and who have helped him.”

Source: GoodReads.com

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Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People

by Vanessa Van Edwards

“As a human behavior hacker, Vanessa Van Edwards created a research lab to study the hidden forces that drive us. And she’s cracked the code. In Captivate, she shares shortcuts, systems, and secrets for taking charge of your interactions at work, at home, and in any social situation. These aren’t the people skills you learned in school. This is the first comprehensive, science backed, real life manual on how to captivate anyone—and a completely new approach to building connections.”

Source: GoodReads.com

The Like Switch: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Influencing, Attracting, and Winning People Over

by Jack Schafer

The Like Switch is packed with all the tools you need for turning strangers into friends, whether you are on a sales call, a first date, or a job interview. As a Special Agent for the FBI’s National Security Division’s Behavioral Analysis Program, Dr. Jack Schafer developed dynamic and breakthrough strategies for profiling terrorists and detecting deception. Now, Dr. Schafer has evolved his proven-on-the-battlefield tactics for the day-to-day, but no less critical battle of getting people to like you.”

Source: GoodReads.com

How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less

by Nicholas Boothman

“”Whether selling, managing, negotiating, planning, collaborating, pitching, instructing-or on your knees with a marriage proposal-the secret of success is based on connecting with other people. Now that connection is infinitely easier to make through Nicholas Boothman’s program of rapport by design.How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less is the work of a master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming whose career is teaching corporations and groups the secrets of successful face-to-face communication.

Source: GoodReads.com

Simple Small Talk: An Everyday Social Skills Guidebook for Introverts on How to Lose Fear and Talk to New People

by Gerard Shaw

“Whenever you meet someone new, you have a certain time window to make a lasting, good impression. Have you ever met someone who made a bad impression on you, and it took you a long time to change your opinion on that person? People tend to judge others based on first impressions. It can be challenging to present the best version of yourself when you only have minutes to do so. It’s especially hard if you’re an introvert, naturally shy, and struggle with social interactions.

Use this book to improve your communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal, and connect with people to make a memorable impression.”

Source: GoodReads.com

Guidebook: Improve Your Social Skills

by Daniel Wendler

“Improve Your Social Skills is a comprehensive guide to social skills. It explains topics like conversation and body language in practical, easy-to-apply lessons. Think of it like an owner’s manual for your social life.”

Source: GoodReads.com

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