7 Benefits of NATURAL PERFUMES – Why Switch To Natural Perfumes

7 Benefits of NATURAL PERFUMES – Why Switch To Natural Perfumes

~ We want to smell like ourselfves with a little extra!


Smell is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful senses. It therefore doesn’t come as a surprise that perfumes are one of a girls favorite beauty products.

You don’t need fancy makeup skills, you only need a bottle with a nice smell.

You can buy these perfume bottles anywhere you want. Just go to your local mall and step inside the make up store, you are bound to find some nice smelling perfumes.

No.. wait a minute.

Are they really nice? A lot of people can’t stand the smell of these traditional perfumes and fragrances. The smells give them headaches or trigger migraines. That doesn’t sound like a nice smell if you ask me.

More and more people are saying ‘no’ to traditional perfumes.

Does this mean we can’t smell great anymore?

Of course not!

The alternative of traditional perfumes are natural perfumes. There are tons of reasons to give this a try.

Are you afraid to start using natural perfumes?

Here are some reasons why this fear is unnecessary.

1. Blend with your natural chemistry

The next benefit or natural perfumes, is that they blend with the natural chemistry of your body. You might think: ‘So what?’.

But it’s actually really beneficial. I will explain this in a moment.

I am first going to explain how they can blend with your natural chemistry better than traditional perfumes. Since the natural perfumes are created by natural products, it’s easier for the body to absorb the ingredients in the body and thus blend with your natural chemistry.

2. A Unique Fragrance

As you can read in the title above, the reason why it’s beneficial that perfumes blend with your natural chemistry is so that it creates a unique chemistry.

You don’t want to smell like just the girl next door.

You want to smell like the unique girl next door.

The natural fragrance reacts with your skin chemistry and as a result it blends perfectly with your body.

3. They (can) last longer

A lot of the time I hear people say: ‘natural perfumes don’t last all day’. This is because in traditional perfumes, they add alcohol to make the smell stronger and last longer. Sadly, too much alcohol is not very healthy. Therefore, most natural perfume makers don’t use (a lot of) this chemical. And as a result people assume that natural perfumes don’t last long.

This is a false belief.

Yes, some natural perfumes don’t last all day. Which means that throughout the day you might have to spray 1 or 2 times extra (which takes 5 seconds). However, there are brands with perfumes that last all day. You just have to find the right brands.

4. Elevated Mood

I think every girl can understand this. Why do we spend so much money on smelling great?

We know there is a power of influence attached to it. Humans are attracted to nice smells, it lifts us up.

If you ask me, the natural perfumes smell better than the traditional synthetic ones.

Another reason to switch to green perfumes!

5. No Secrets

Most brands that produce natural perfumes value transparency. Therefore, it should have listed which ingredients are in the perfume.

There is another thing you need to be aware of. Some perfume brands market themselves as natural perfume (or skincare) brands. However, they don’t use 100% natural ingredients.

In the ingredient list you can see that they do use synthetics. They call them safe synthetics. It’s fine by me if a brand wants to use those chemicals. However, don’t market yourself as a natural perfume.

If a brand has 1 or 2 safe synthetics, it’s fine by me. I am not complaining about the brands that contain 2% of synthetics in the products. I am complaining about the brands with 98% synthetics that say they are natural brands.

If a brand has listed perfume or fragrance in the ingredient list, that’s a red flag. In my other blog post I talk more about this.

6. Therapeutic Benefits

This one might be a little bit controversial, but hey it’s my blog after all 🙂

In a lot of natural perfumes, essential oils are used. There have been multiple studies that show therapeutic benefits of essential oils. I don’t know if I 100% believe this works. I think it could be placebo, but hey that assumption on its own is a placebo. (Maybe life in general is one big placebo?!)

If you believe a smell is going to calm you, it’s going to calm you. So before you spray/roll something on yourself, repeat an affirmation in your head. Something like: “I feel beautiful”. You get what I am saying <3

Side note: Always do your research when using essential oils. There have been cases whereby essential oils were toxic. Don’t drink them and don’t use them when you are pregnant.

Makes You Magnetic

As I explained earlier, natural perfume brands rarely use alcohol in their products. Since alcohol can make a perfume stronger, it can make the perfume too overpowering. This is not attractive at all. In fact, it can scare off people.

We don’t want to smell like a perfume factory.

We want to smell like ourselfves with a little extra!

Maybe some spice, florals or fresh water!

Think of what you want to do today. How do you want to feel and what do you want to attract. If you want to attract friends, wear an inviting smell. Not a fake, overpowering smell, but a natural sweet scent.

7. Boosts Confidence

This one follows up the previous benefit. When you smell good, you will feel more comfortable in yourself. And thus, you will get a confidence boost.

We don’t need a long talk about this. Just spray some natural perfume and feel mother earths warmth.

And I am going to end with that.

I hope that you learned something from this!

Hi, Love!

Let me know (in the comments) if are going to buy a natural perfume <3 I love reading comment from you guys!

Let today or tonight be an enlightening time and may you connect with nature. Take a deep breath and get in touch with your energy. Just be in this moment!

You can leave your name and email below, if you want to stay in contact with me. And if not, I hope you will have an amazing life full of love and joy!

May our souls meet again!

-xx- Nella

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