~ Do you own what you wear and show the world your Goddes power?


Sometimes you wake up and just don’t feel beautiful and fresh. This feeling is not nice and we want to get rid of that.

You need to realize that you truly are a Goddess/God!

You have an amazing body and you look beautiful. I want to make you feel like a Queen. I want to help you look at yourself in the mirror with a smile.

Some people just have that WOW factor. When they walk in a room everyone looks at them. It looks like woke up like this, so beautiful and put together. I am going to tell you a secret right now. They did not walk out of bed like this.

The reason why they look so good is because they use small tricks that make you immediatley look 10 times better. When you use these small tricks you outfit will automatically look better, but you also trick your mind. When you apply these small tips, your mind will be more proud of your body. With these small and easy tricks your confidence will grow.

I truly think that confidence is one of the key elements that make or break your outfit.

Do you own what you wear and show the world your Goddes/God power? Or do you feel unappreciated and insecure in your outfit?

The first thing I want to tell you is that no one really cares what you wear. Wear those new pants, even when it is different from the norm. Stop being in your mind the whole day and start to just live. Start to own your outfit, walk with your head high and own your Goddess Energy.

This Goddess Energy is very important when it comes to owning a outfit. Goddess Energy or Feminine Energy is magnetic. When you embrace this energy within you, people will stare at you. They do not know why but there is something about you.

Your outfit will attract people, it is magnetic. The reason why people stare at you is a good reason. It means that you are in your Goddess Energy and you are attractive. Do not see this as a thing that will make you insecure, see it as a strengt.

Some people are born with radiating this type of energy. Other people need more practice and mind tricks. In this blog post I am giving you tips that will help you feel better mentally and physically. If you want to look good everyday, it is important to take care of your body.

Listen to what your body wants, is it tired? Then go take a nap. Is it hungry? Than take a healthy snack like an apple.

Read further to find out more about how to look good everyday.

Get enough sleep

Good sleep is so important! When we are sleeping out physical body can rest. After you have had a busy day at work, give yourself some rest.

When we are dreaming we explore our mind. We travel to a different world and have crazy adventures. At night our spiritual/energetic body is very active. If you want to live a soulfilled life, it is important to awaken your subconciousness.

When we are asleep our body also has time to heal. This is the time our body gets taken care of. Out body is constantly working, let her relax everyday enough (she deserves it!).

Research how much sleep you need and how much you are getting right now. Change your sleep schedule if neccesary.

Wash body

Washing your body is so important! Don’t forget places like behind your ears, belly button, back of the neck and thights.

Throughout the day our body expels waste products, such as sweat and old cells. Imagine not cleaning those nasty things. Of course you are going to smell like sweat and old cells. Clean yourself everyday at least once to stay and smell fresh.

It is also important for your health to clean your body. Let your body breath .

Facial exercise

Everyone wants to keep their face looking young and fresh right?

My grandmother does some facial yoga every morning. She is almost ninety, but her face looks way younger. I think her secret of having a fresh face is doig facial exercises. Give your face a massage and do some yoga.

When you are the age of my grandmother you will thank yourself for doing face yoga everyday!

And other than just the looks, it is also very healthy to massage your face. Face yoga helps to circulate the blood in your face.

On youtube you can find lots of videos for different parts of the face. For example the jawline, double chin and eye bags. Face yoga is a great way for getting a more sculpted face. Check out channels like Face Yoga Method and Koko Hayashi.

Skin-care (routine)

Your face is the first thing people see when they speak with you. Because of that it is important to takecare of your skin.

Taking care of your skin, does not mean using a lot of chemical makeup. The Big Beauty Companies are programming you into believing you have to wear make up to be beautiful. In those make up products are a lot of toxic ingredients. All those chemicals make your skin age very fast, in the long term, it does not make you look young. Taking care of your skin means avoiding products with bad chemicals.

Of course, you can still wear make up. There are amazing alternative brands that use organic products for their make up products. Yes, it’s a little more expensive, but your skin will thank you!

Brush your brows

Your brows really shape your face, for that it is really important to keep them groomed. Think about what fits your face, straight brows or a something else, keep your face shape in mind with choosing your brow shape.


Hair is so important, not only does it make you look better, it makes you feel better. Make sure your hair doesn’t have splits and looks healthy. When you see splits at the end of your hair, go to a hair dresser.

Try to experiment with new hairstyles. Are you more into braids, a classy hairstyle or something else? Try to keep your hairstyle simple, this willmake it look more elegant (if that is what you want of course).

Another helpful hair tip is to find a signature style. Are you the girl who always wears braids orthe one who always has it down? In what do you feel most like yourself, this could become your signature style.

Dress to impress (yourself)

“I dress to impress myself” that’s what Kanye West said. I think he is right about that.

In this life it is a game between you and you.

It is your challenge to become a better version of yourself everyday. Wear the clothes that make you feel authentic to yourself.

You should wear clothes that show your features and that make u feel confident. Someone who looks comfortable in their slothes/skin immediately looks 10 times better.

Add accessories

I feel like accessories add personality to your outfit. Wearing a smallbracelet immediately improves your outfit.

If you want to go for a more elegant look keep it simple and invest in quality jewelry. You dont need 20 small bracelet from 20 dollar/euros. Instead buy one or two braceletes of 100, that will last you a lifetime.

Add some earrings and a bracelet and your outfit is complete!

Clean shoes

Wear a nice pair of clean shoes and your outfit will look 2 times better. Like Marilyn Monroe said: “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”.

Limit processed foods

Most of the foods in supermarkets is processed. Before it hits the supermarkets they spray it with harmful chemicals for your body. It is better to get your foods from local farms/stores. In addition, choose vegetables and fruits over cookies and cakes.

Drink enough water

This one is so basic but it just so important. Please drink enough water, always carry water with you so you are not tempted to buy an energy drink. Enough water makes your skin look so much better.

Have a good posture

This makes you so look confident like you own this place. Shoulders back, chin up you are a Goddes!! Walk like you are walking towards your dreams, big steps in one line.

Pick-me-up kit

This can be a life saver! Always when you leave the house carry a small pick -me-up kit. For example, a make up bag with pocket tissues, feminine products, sanitizer, chapstick, hand lotion and perfume.

Personal style

Finding your personal style is so much fun. Try to stand out and be different, it can be scary but it will make you look like a queen. Big style icons don’t have a basic style, they are unique.

Something that really helped me finding my style, was making a pinterest board wereby I pinned my favourite looks. What I studied this board I saw a pattern. I saw a lot of girly and classy clothes, this teached me to buy more clothes like this. And not clothes that do not fit this theme.

Study the things you like. How do others wear it? What colors do you like? Think and answer those questions, this will really help you find your own style.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! I really liked writing this blog post. Have a nice rest of your day.


  1. Really enjoy life changing tips for all women! What it is like to look beautiful, being confident in there own skin!

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